BREAKING NEWS: Audio surfaces with Chastanet allegedly saying he won’t work with Flood-Beaubrun; Chastanet responds

BREAKING NEWS: Audio surfaces with Chastanet allegedly saying he won’t work with Flood-Beaubrun; Chastanet responds

United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet has responded to a controversial audio recording obtained by the media, including St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

In the audio, a voice sounding like Chastanet indicates that  he will not work with Sarah Flood-Beaubrun if she is elected leader of the party.

”I am surely not going to comment on any statements that were made at a campaign with delegates, that was not for public consumption. It was just for members of the party,” Chastanet said.

Both Chastanet and Flood-Beaubrun will vie for the party’s leadership at the National Convention on Sunday.


“If I wanted to make a public statement I would have. But I’ve made absolutely no public comments about the campaign at all and no public statements about Miss Flood and I continue to uphold that position,” he added.

The former tourism minister said he heard the recording and he was not even finished with his statement, but people have already drawn a conclusion that he doesn’t want to work with Flood-Beabrun.

Chastanet had told SNO in an exclusive interview following Flood-Beabrun’s nomination that it is an indication that democracy is still alive and stronger than ever in the UWP.

He was quoted as saying: “I am very happy that the party could attract a person of that caliber.”

Asked whether he was concerned that Flood-Beaubrun could replace him at the next party convention, Chastanet had said he is not, because “there are no winners or losers in the UWP on an individual basis.”

“It is what makes the party stronger. The delegates have always known who that person is,” he concluded.


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  1. As far as I see it. St Lucia is doomed. All what Politicians do is just divide the people instead of improve their quality of life. And we are so blind that we don't even see what they are doing. A question I have always ask. If one really wants to help their country do they have to go into politics to do so? What you think their real motive is for going into politics?


  2. This man is in no fit state to be leader of any political party in St Lucia. Has he put any of his assets in a blind trust? This is something that all budding politicians who are prodigiously wealthy need to do in any democracy so the voters can have confidence in the electoral process.

    This is a requirement to prevent people with lots of wealth from simply buying his way into the political establishment and be placed under obligation by those with vested interests. I doubt he has done this. When a politician is placed under obligation it opens up a pandora's box for opportunism and corruption. He and his family behave like they own St Lucia. About time we send this lot packing with their tails between their legs. We do not want esurient capitalists running the country. St Lucia needs techocrats and pragmatists to prescribe and administer every dose neccessary for it's development. This man does not tick any of the boxes and should be relegated to the dustbins of history.

    Another thing I heard he was born in Martinique, and if this is the case then the current parliament should pass a law preventing foreign-born people from becoming prime minister of St Lucia. America has that law and so are many other countries. Martiniquans have unjustly claimed Empress Josephine as theirs, when we know that she was born in St Lucia. We cannot afford to have them laying claim to another potential leader. That would not be fair. I hope this man never becomes prime minister of St Lucia.

    This man is from the minority and we simply cannot afford to have such a man to lead us into any promise land. This is not back in the day when the monority brutally ruled our country with impunity. This should never happen again. Let someone from the majority come forward and take over the reins. This man being leader is a giant step backwards. I recently suggested the Right Hon. Richard Frederick as a potential leader. I think the right hon. gentleman would be ideal to take over the reins of the UWP.

    St Lucia need to wake up and to stop allowing people who do not have it's best interests at heart to try to assume the captaincy of it's ship. Please give Richard Frederick and Stephenson King the opportunity to take over the reins of this once proud group of big beasts. They are men of probity, valour,integrity and virtue. They are also incorruptible, upright and above suspicion. These two men have all the attributes of good leadership.

    We need to stop this rapacious capitalist in his tracks. He is aggressive and predatory and will do anything to be elected. Let us quell his voracious and insatiable appetite for power.
    Viva Saint Lucia!

    Malcolm L'overture
    Haitian Lucian


  3. Man just showing his true colours. Dont understand why any of you are surprised. Those defending this statement and making excuses are just political hacks who are too desperate to see past Allan's misdeeds.

    How can you guys support a leader who made a statement that he will victimize people upon assuming office? This is a mad man hungry for POWER! And Absolute Power corrupts. So who will bell the cat (A.C.) if the cat sits in the most powerful chair of the land? Say Jean-Flambeau ah kaiye tun we. Tantoe Tantoe. Keep playing with fire.


  4. It is all this damn nonsense about "they say, I said" superficiality rather than who, vying for leadership in BOTH major parties, has the required and proven deep knowledge, skills and abilities to lead this country out of the politically-created national poverty trap.

    It is very very clear that the political theatre unfolding right before our eyes, but lost on the vast majority of people, is nothing about love for Saint Lucia, at all. So all this theatre will most likely get us, just yet another narcissistic opportunist who will worsen, rather than improve our national life. As proof of dysfunctional politics, witness the "better days".


  5. Give the man a chance. What skin color have to do with that. Cut a black man open the blood red cut man his blood red. St. Lucians you people don't want white man but you want their money. The man is a st Lucian whether black or white. We are wicked people. Yes I am a st. Lucian we believe every shit we hear and we like to carry old news the good things we don't talk about them. The stone that the builder refuse shall be the head corner stone


  6. And yall want to call guy crazy and delusional for claims of phone tapping an bugging. Look at the depths of the gutter these SLP and "uwp" detractors will go to for any political tapping meetings to leak, leak out PR rehearsal and now this?

    Just to show how pathetic these ppl are to cry for their supper. Chasnet was able to seek employment both in public and private sector, and even now an entrepreneur in providing jobs for others. Meanwhile these career politicians when out of office dont know what to do but go to any lengths just to get back in power and dont even any means of creating employment for others. A broke @$$ politician will feed himself first before others but yet we are too blind to see that..Look how Kenny quickly gain back the weight he lost when he was in opposition


  7. ??? This means absolutly nothing, Man the SLP is getting desperate. They're still gonna get voted out of office.


  8. Voting for the leadership of the UWP on Sunday should be a no-brainer!

    A secret UWP internal poll shows that Chastanet would lose 12 -14 seats to Kenny and the SLP if an elections were held today. The results are secret because Chastanet did the poll thinking it would make him look good. When the results came out he was shocked and hid it from the UWP delegates and the general public. The delegates are therefore going into the elections blinded by the political leader who will not give them all the information to make a sound decision about his leadership.

    Another informal online poll shows that over 90% of the people would prefer Sarah Flood as Political Leader of the UWP over Allen Chastanet. He simply does not have any support from the general St. Lucian public. Sarah is a winning formula!

    Chastanet = DEFEAT !

    Sarah Flood Beaubrun = LANDSLIDE VICTORY that will keep the UWP in power till 2021!


  9. No matter who wins on Sunday. I hope they get their act together and end the internal division .

    May we have the formation of a new party by the next elections? I suspect. Everyone wanna be leader but no one wanna be a team player. You can't be a leader if there is no teamwork.


  10. The opposition party is always as hungry as the ruling party is greedy regardless of party and the circle goes on. We need a real change and that is, a party for all.


  11. I would not be the least surprised. Saint Lucians rank and file, have from time immemorial accepted that such persons are to be served first at Saint Lucia's national dinner table, able or not to do the job. Saint Lucians have always known their places!
    Such people know that they are entitled to have their titles as leader whether they are routine bunglers, liars, and undisciplined spendthrifts.
    We have seen some even talking about morality and ethics. Yet they were chief actors in white collar crimes to rob the state to benefit their co-workers.
    Saint Lucians have no memory or some just have some damn short memories. Because of that we are about to put yet another fox again in charge, or to give yet another fox the keys to the doors of the fowl coup.
    At the end of the day that will give us in the Godforsaken country and biblically speaking, three darmn reprobates in row. Way to go towards progress Saint Lucia!


  12. STRANGELY this happens 2 days before convention....wake up people this could be a patchup job of different recordings to sabotage the party. SLP propaganda machine in full swing


  13. the question is straight forward n clear. r u prepared to wk with sarah? the moment he said "but i can't say that", that clinches it! he has no intenetions of working with sarah flood! sir john, george mallet, romanus lansiquote, henry ghiraudy, right now is too tired of rolling in their graves, that they jus gave up rolling. whats happen now is a debacle. u would see something like that in time of "chou stick" as chairman of the party?


  14. Chastanet is a white man.
    He speaks in their tongue and behaves in their ways.
    I am not at all surprise by this.
    When we ( black people) put our guard down, then this is the end result.
    I have always lamented, that a party consisting of all Black Males, why would allow someone who looks completely different from them rule over them

    Now you may say, skin colour and race has nothing to do with it, but the writing is already on the wall.
    Black men wake up and take your rightful position as God Intended you too.


    • Galaxy...............or should i say stupidity i sure hope that when we black people from the islands go overseas to live work or study or even take a vacation that we do not have the misfortune of meeting your counterpart.


    • But... galaxy ou sa inyowan ee, man I never new ingnorant people like you still live in 2015, sir black white both of them the same , look how
      upside down lucia has gotten. A white man who did it ? Ur guards were up?


  15. Soufriere didn't vote him but what is slp doing for them now......when he was minister of tourism the hotel business was booming. Lucian need to open their eyes and stop listening to hear say.


  16. Which clearly confirms, that like the others fighting tooth and nail for the title, without a national vision, Chastanet most definitely is not a team player. It is all about him.

    But culturally, not much is going to change because as descendants of African slaves who chose slavery rather than to make it on their own, once a close descendant of former slave masters are there, the automaticity of their superiority to control is naturally taken for granted,

    Dr. Preville is there. We are in dire economic straits. UWP has an economist with a doctorate. But they are hell bent on selecting someone who can only see a future of the domestic citizens as a reservoir of cheap labour for hotel industry. So unashamedly, those in the UWP voting will select someone whose focus is on airlift, to employ eventually a mass of chamber maids and bell hops. What a nation of morons!


  17. allan is not the problem is the others in the party thats the problem always they that bicaring bout d allan and doc mathew come sunday


  18. vote allan chastnent come sunday.mate have good plans for the country but the ppl eh seeing it and sec vote doctor mathew when come for health he good.sarah is s.l.p in a yellow shirt