AUDIO: Chastanet says PM Anthony “disrespectful”

AUDIO: Chastanet says PM Anthony “disrespectful”


Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has been accused of being disrespectful in light of plans to outline details of this year’s budget at a political rally due to take place Thursday in Castries.

Political Leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet, told a press conference on Wednesday that while he is not surprised, not only is this move disrespectful, but unacceptable coming from the prime minister of this country.

Chastanet said while the government passed the Appropriation Bill in Parliament for of  over $1.4 billion, he has failed to tell the people of Saint Lucia how his government will spend that money.

But said the Prime Minister plans to provide details of the budget at a planned Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) meeting on Thursday at the Castries market steps.

The UWP leader also took the opportunity to state that his party’s “Five to stay Alive” plan is just a part of a wider economic plan that will be revealed in coming weeks.

Chastanet said despite criticisms, the executive of his party discussed these policies at length and held consultations with the people before they were publicly announced.

Below is Chastanet’s full statement at Wednesday’s press conference:


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  1. Nice to read the different views, I just wish we stop with the unnecessary name calling, cause a global community of readers reading this, too.


  2. Agree Mr . Chastnet

    Kenny your days are numbered . The people of Saint Lucia can't be ridiculed anymore . We don't want to hear about your lies with how much money your budget will be worth. Instead tell the Saint Lucian public how you intend to resolve the growing challenges that they face . How the money will
    Be spent to make everyone's life better and for the country . If you haven't done that my fiend then I assure you that you have not done your homework and should retire from your post .


  3. okay so no one wants kenny due to taxes. Maybe you all should check out the Ricardian Equivalence Principle


  4. Kenny does not care about St. Lucians. He is only interested in having power and keeping people begging him. Ugghh... So disgusting! The entire party is just disgusting... Propaganda machines alone. All big money goes to them and their friends.


  5. Kenny is a plague .The longest rope has an end .stlucuan those of us who cannot hear and will feel we feeling already. Mr kenny set t
    he country free .when Pharoah would not let God's people go what happened. We have to much poverty in stlucia parents cannot provide for their children husband cannot take care if their wives .why do you think we have all those robbery because we hungry.we have no jobs no money to put food on the table. Do you know how it feel to see your children crying cause they hungry.Sir you don't know that walk in the street of Castries and listen people. I voted you five years ago and cannot do it this time to much empty promises.Sir please go


  6. Rotflmao!

    This guy should be starring in some Disney TV Cartoon Show.

    Grow-up, Boy!


  7. I share the same opinion. Kenny is a poison to this country and the rest of the gang are just douch bags .


  8. Kenny can do what he likes. Allegedly disrespect the people of this country are of no signicance to the SLP.

    There is a select few who are privileged to benefit from the SLP administration.

    How many jobs does Francis have while most of the population is unemployed. Jobs are circulated among a privileged few.

    Kenny is bad for this country, he has destroyed this country he has killed our soul, eliminated the compassion of our nation .

    It's not just Kenny the whole sorry bunch of the SLP are destroying our country, they don't care about St.Lucians.

    It won't happen but the best thing for this country would be for Kenny and his band to leave politics.


    • Nope...many of you are leeches who want everything free. But are the same ones who are beaming with pride and boast about the amount of taxes you pay in foreign countries.

      Many of you are NOT about Nation building, just like your party.

      I hope you don't ride the buses on the High-ways we have built and maintained.

      We hope your grand parents are NOT benefiting from our helpers sent into their homes (Free), whom you have neglected.

      I hope your children, siblings etc, return our laptops to the Ministries:)

      I hope you didn't receive free stuff duty-free in the Barrels for Christmas.

      Bow to the Superior Party! 🙂
      Stupid! 🙂


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