Attempted burglary at Dax in Marchand

Attempted burglary at Dax in Marchand

2016-12-23-06_29_26-attempted-burglary-at-dax-marchand-branch-hts-news-4orceThe tough security locks at Dax in Marchand have the business breathing a sigh of relief after it prevented a pair of burglars from breaking into the establishment early Monday morning.

The pair attempted to saw their way into the establishment minutes to three in the morning but was prevented from doing so by a combination of locks, a dog, passing vehicles and the residents of Marchand.

The difficulty in penetrating the locks forced the men to retreat as residents who heard the commotion converged on the scene.

The residents summond the police who came and took statements.

The owner of the establishment arrived on the scene later.

A slew of break in attempts have been reported in St. Lucia in the past week.



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  1. Boy, I can't wait for a store owner to get one of these fellas in their establishment. It's going to happen just be patient. When you all think is piece and safety a sudden destruction.


    • Agreed...and when the catch them, just bury them alive. It hurts my heart that they will steal and leave you in expense or kill you and not give a damn.


  2. Them fellers need a good few lashes of 'poe-toe' for them to behave themselves. Everybody trying and make a bread and is shate they want to do. Anyways, they target the wrong area. Marchand is New York, the city that never sleeps. What ever time you pass there, people always there. Kudos to them for preventing these guys from robbing the man's place.


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