Atlantic University School of Medicine students remain in limbo: report

By Antigua Observer

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A&B Education Minister Michael Browne

(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) – Students of the Atlantic University School of Medicine are still unaware when the institution will become accredited.

A source close to the matter told OBSERVER media that many students are growing more anxious about the situation.

The institution recently moved from St. Lucia to Antigua and Barbuda, reportedly, because the St. Lucia government was pressuring it to get accredited.

Both St. Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda are members of Caricom. And, in Caricom, the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions or CAM-HP, is the body that accredits medical schools, allowing graduates to practice in Caricom jurisdictions.

The Atlantic University lacked this accreditation in St. Lucia and it hasn’t gotten it in Antigua since it moved here.

The US body that certifies foreign medical graduates to use their degrees in the US is the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates – ECFMG.

The body said it would not certify degrees from Atlantic University unless the institution is accredited in this jurisdiction.

OBSERVER media called Michael Browne, education minister, for an update on the situation but he did not answer our calls.


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  1. I am a Studnet of the school and things are getting i place today he met the student body and lecturers of atlantic and things arw going okay, i dont knw why some people lile to speculate so much. And it was'nt the schools fault but the MINISTER OD EDUCATION FAULT. THATS WHY THEY CALLED TO APOLOGIZE AND THE OTHER TWO SCHOOLS BROUGHT THEM TO COURT.

  2. So is like that they fooling ppl when we hungry to elevate ourselves you see that ehh the government right if you so much into forwarding ppls lives,transforming ppls situations you would never run away from such demand as to getting accredited we already have a big international borball story of the lambird's academy we dont need two.Bravo mr prime minister thats a government interested in the beneifit and progress of his ppl and not entirely in his own gain nore greed like Kenny and his uhwagjai's.

  3. So where are all the "nay-sayers" who opposed the Minister of Educations stance on the matter. Where is Kenny Anthony who did nothing to help the School's cause during his ten years in office but wanted to pressure and accuse this government after only one year of advancing his vision of a University town in Vieux Fort?

    You see why party hacks ate like internet trolls, they follow and target their propaganda to a segment of our population which they see as most receptive or vulnerable. Upon being found out they immediately go silent.

  4. salbet it right . yall move in saint lucia and yall go over there and is the same thing. so is some kind of scam ting yall on and ten the students would not be able to practise in the us if they got a chance. a lambirds ting yall on


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