Atheist blames God for crime in Jamaica

Atheist blames God for crime in Jamaica

(JAMAICA STAR) — God is to be blamed for all the criminal activities in Clarendon and other parts of the world, says Michael Lambert, who claims he is an atheist.

He said that he has lost confidence in the Christian faith and believes that its teachings about the Almighty are nothing but myths.

“God never mek we right from long time, and that is why mankind heart so evil. Is pure wickedness a happen in Clarendon and other places. Why when the man dem a go rob a man and kill him, God nuh change dem mind and make dem go hug up the man or woman and tell dem say dem love dem? Why him nuh change dem mind and make dem go have a drink together. We crime rate a go up, and mi sure him see it. So why him nah do anything about it,” Lambert said.


The bag juice vendor said that he is fed up with the rising crime rate in the parish, and re-emphasised that the world is not controlled by a God.

“A lot of people nah go agree with me, but if God did exist, mi don’t understand why him would allow all the bad things weh a happen long time to continue,” he said.

Clarendon has been making the headlines in recent times with several incidents of murders and robberies. Among the latest incident is the brutal daylight slaying of a market vendor Patricia ‘Pat’ Harriott on Monday, June 3. Harriott was sitting at her stall at the intersection of Main Street and Brooks Avenue in May Pen, when a gunman walked up and shot her several times.

Lambert said that he was close by when the shots were fired, and he had to run to safety. He said that he was shocked when he discovered that Harriott was killed.

And with the country’s crime rate increasing, Lambert said that he has found another way to protect himself.

“Sometimes people think mi homeless because mi carry miself a way, but that’s not it. People sometimes show you more love when dem think yuh on your face. Is $7,000 a month mi pay for rent. I am a very independent man,” he said, adding that he was deported from the United States in 2012, after serving time in prison for drug charges.


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