At least three females raped over the weekend; almost 60 reported cases since 2015

At least three females raped over the weekend; almost 60 reported cases since 2015
A rape victim from Congo, Africa.
A rape victim from Congo, Africa.
A rape victim from Congo, Africa. (Not photo of any rape victims mentioned in the accompanying article).

Police sources have confirmed that at least three females were raped or sexually assaulted in separate incidents over the weekend.

The first cases reportedly occurred in Corinth, Gros-Islet and Marchand, Castries between Friday and Saturday, while the third case occurred in Anse Canot, Dennery on Sunday night.

It was reported that the Corinth victim was raped after two persons broke into her home. They reportedly stole several items.

In the Dennery incident, a 16-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by two men after they gave her ‘weed cake’ to eat.

The police said almost 60 cases of rape have been reported since the start of the year.



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  1. Somebody correct me if I am wrong. But where is the Minister for Security? Mate just absent. I have not heard anything from him as it relates to the upsurge in rape incidents . To me is only the 3 women in politics who have aired their views.
    Where is he? Say something. Give the public the assurance that the Ministry is doing all that it can to curb the spat of gun violence and other crimes.
    Last night it broke my hear to hear the gentleman who was left paralyzed after being shot cry in relation to how he would feed his family.
    Too me all these politicians passionate about is how their party better than the other. They passionately try to let the public know they better, mimicking each other on stage like silly baffoons.
    Well please apply that same passion to addressing the things that threaten us. Apply that same passion to creating jobs, apply that same passion in trying to make St.Lucia stand out on a global scale in a positive way.


    • That ridiculousness clown just to embarrassed to come out and speak to the public on this situation. Time to vote these mindless fools that has no clue how to their job out of office.


      • They better do something next thing the US embassy issue a warning to its citizens and a travel advisory. Check how one was issued for Barbados because of all the recent gun violence.


  2. Do you want to know why that number increases...because who we call police officers and crime scene investigators don't know what they looking for even if it jumped out and said here am I. ..all they can do is dress up and play police while our life's are falling apart. crime data base to store proper information. .no forensic rehabilitation Avenue for the victims.. it's sad..and all the minister will say is we should use pepper spray....when ..when they finish raping me go get it in my bag...or before as aphrodisiac...u need to invest in updating the laws and police force with updated equipment. And stop Pussy footing with building 4 lane high way..and playing petty politics. ..damn frustrated


  3. A good question

    We need to be reminded of this menace because it will not go away until the perpetrators are caught. We all need to be vigilant, take every precaution to prevent ourselves from being victims. Your home has now got to be more secure and personal safety need to be stepped up.

    For the feeble minded, the infamy of rape and the record of it by the public media, is their highest climb to fame. Sadly, the media can be ill used even though it is a vital instrument for spreading information.


  4. Man...This is getting serious! We need to catch those rapist. Make examples of them. I hope an officer relieves the next caught rapists of his knee caps with a 12 gauge shotgun. I'm not for police killing suspects but I they can surely maim a rapist pretty good. I'd sleep better knowing my sisters, mother, cousins and aunts and friends are safer cause a rapist is now crippled. Knee cap those perverts!


  5. So is there a way to know if there are serial rapists? It would have been good to collect samples and placed them in a national data base , so it can be compared when ever crimes of these nature are committed, as it seems these bowooes can go scout free.
    St.Lucia need to be a proactive country we too reactive.


  6. It is obvious there are serial rapists in St. Lucia. I heard the minister refer to them as "sick". They are not sick, they are cowards and criminals! The Lord sees all and their judgement day will come!! It is time the laws are amended to allow a publicized list of registered sex offender. We need to know who these people are among us for our own safety.


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