Assou Square celebrations could be extended to third day

Assou Square celebrations could be extended to third day
Assou Square 2016.
Assou Square 2016.
Assou Square 2016.

The highly-anticipated New Year’s celebration, Assou Square, could become a three-day event if the government and private sector agree to the idea being pitched by the Castries City Council (CCC).

The celebration which attracts hundreds of Saint Lucians from all across the island, has been hosted for two days since it’s return to the Derek Walcott Square in 2014.

CCC Communication Manager Jason Hullingseed said that the idea is just for the 2017 celebrations.

“We are looking at a third day that is yet to be confirmed. We are still awaiting word from the Chamber of Commerce and government, as to whether we can proceed with a third day of Assou Square. But for now, it is not yet confirmed, but two days are confirmed,” Hullingseed said.

Meanwhile, the CCC official said that the new batch of city police will work in close partnership with members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to help beef up security for the event.

“We have a strategy for our city police officers and the RSLPF also spoke about their strategy in dealing with the problems of security at this year’s event,” Hullingseed added.

The CCC has also been in constant dialogue with vendors for the event. They have been reminded of their obligations, especially as it relates to adhering to health and safety guidelines.

The usual live entertainment, games, and rides for kids will be featured at Assou Square 2017.


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  1. I personally object to any three day A-S-S; we Lucians love Fet too much. It's just an excuse to
    skip work, and drink Rum, drive like crazy afterwards, and you call this good times? get real people.
    I propose A-S-S, in Soufriere, V/Fort, and Dennery South also, not only Castries. Let all the Towns enjoy.
    Now, let all the Churches from day-one start praying and preaching against crime, beginning NOW.


  2. This is utterly ridiculous. How can a poor country or its leaders rationalize three darn days of street fairs just to improve the coffers of just one city? How on earth can this be ever justified?

    The remainder and the business of the country must remain on hold, just to have a street fair in Castries? Where the hell is the national productivity council? For all those asking for statements, we need a statement on national productivity here? Make some real darn sense for a change. Earn your keep.


  3. good idea, but how many people will end up in the hospital due to stale foods (food poison) be careful people. they do not wash their hands enough or at all.


  4. whats's the sense of extension when its the same boring thing!!!....come to town to buy toys and food...please!!!! (how is that different than any other thing????) when will the government listen to the people. Bring back the fun of Assou Square and then we can talk about extending!!!!!! smh!!!


  5. So today is December 29, 2016. Assou Square is literally DAYS away and an extra day is not yet CONFIRMED??? What y'all waiting for??? Vendors have to get prepared for an extra day with goods, etc. I don't understand.


  6. Sir with all due respect. Stop that bull SHIT talk of wanting to have square for a third day. The police have enough on their hands to look after two days is enough for the CCC to make their money so don't be to greedy and put pressure on our depleted law enforcement agencies OK.


  7. Assou square needs to be put back to cul de sac where we enjoyed the different rides... For the past couple years this event has not made much sense to me.


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