Assou Square 2016 dubbed a success

Assou Square 2016 dubbed a success
Assou Square 2016.
Assou Square 2016.
Assou Square 2016.

Despite a few minor incidents, organizers of Assou Square described the three-day event as successful.

In providing a preliminary analysis of the event, acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, Anastatious Mason, told HTS NewsForce that it was relatively quiet, barring one and two incidents.

The senior police official said a few persons were arrested for minor infractions of theft, slight wounding and one robbery. However, nobody was seriously injured in any of these incidents.

There was also high police presence at almost every street corner and, entrance and exists.

Persons have said this year’s event was a bit more organised, mainly because of the new tents.

Creative Industries consultant, Christopher Hunte, agreed and said the tents served as a great visual improvement to Assou Square 2016. It also provided a better environment for vendors.

Organizers had agreed to extend the event from two days to three instead, because of complaints made by vendors that they needed the extra day, in order to break even.

The police and other stakeholders are expected to provide a full review of the event soon.


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  1. I like watching this young chap.very ambtious fella.trying hard to do what he does perfect.good job good effort keep up the good work christopher


  2. Bravo!! Mr. Hunte..I saw the man walking up and down to make sure things were proper... you are doing a much better job than some of these seasoned politicians.. I think you should head the Ministry of Health you would be doing a better job...


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