Aspiring property owners get helpful hints on home ownership

Aspiring property owners get helpful hints on home ownership

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – It was the place to be for those wanting answers to all their questions about home ownership and all at one location.

As part of its mortgage month celebrations this February, regional bank CIBC FirstCaribbean partnered with a number of entities in the real estate industry to offer clients a one-stop shop for all their land and home ownership needs.

Participants had the benefit of the knowledge and professional experience of experts from the Development Control Authority in the Ministry of Planning, Architecture, Building & Contracting, Legal and Banking at the event which was held on Tuesday February 20th.

The event was also held to coincide with the observance of Saint Lucia’s 39th anniversary of Independence and was based on the fact that a home is the biggest investment most people will make, and for most, home ownership represents achievement and personal empowerment and independence.

The bank designated February as Mortgage Month, and scheduled a number of activities which highlighted how the bank was geared towards simplifying processes, and enhancing ease, transparency and efficiency for clients. The mini home fair was designed particularly for persons who aspire to owning a home. It was intended to help them become familiar with the processes related to all aspects of home acquisition.

Country Manager of CIBC FirstCaribbean Mrs. Ladesa Williams thanked the team of independent experts for partnering on the initiative, making it possible for the bank to place “free advice from Saint Lucia’s best” at the disposal of participants. She said “as bankers we are fully aware that the journey to home ownership can sometimes be tedious and filled with unexpected trials and tribulations and as such we have assembled a team of experts to guide you through the process Our aim is to make the process personalized and easy. Today we hope to provide you with a road map of what is required to move from land ownership to sipping tea on your own front porch”.

It is expected that this and other customer empowerment activities will become part of the bank’s outreach on an annual basis.


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