Aspiring MP promises ‘quality representation’

Aspiring MP promises ‘quality representation’
Guibion Ferdinand
Guibion Ferdinand
Guibion Ferdinand

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Micoud South, Guibion Ferdinand, said he is ready to provide what he described as ‘quality representation’ to the people of that constituency.

Ferdinand who will contesting that seat against United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Allen Chastanet, said that his life and belief system are in sync with the party.

The former school principal told a news conference on Thursday, “I am very comfortable associating with this party because I believe it is where as a politician I belong.”

Guibion who was born and has resided in Desruisseaux all his life is the Former Principal of the Micoud Secondary School, a community activist, sports enthusiast and educator.

He began his teaching career at the Blanchard Combined School in 1990 until he resigned as Principal of the Micoud Secondary School in March 2016.

The 42-year-old father of three is holds a Bachelor of Education (Hons) Degree in Educational Administration from the University of the West Indies as well as an Executive Diploma in School Management from the Institute of Business in Trinidad and Tobago. Ferdinand is a qualified teacher and attained his certificate from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Having served in various capacities in Youth and Sports Organizations, Ferdinand is very well know within the Micoud South Constituency and nationally. He was a FIFA Regional Instructor in Administration and Management and holds a Futuro III Certificate in Administration and Management (FIFA) and a level one certificate in coaching (Cricket).

The SLP has expressed confidence in Ferdinand securing a win at the next election.



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  1. People are so hypocritical ...pointing out what Guibion is doing now that he wasn't doing before he was endorsed as the candidate for Micoud South. Where was Chastnet before he decided to run for the Micoud South seat? What did he know about Micoud South? That it was predominantly a UWP seat? Where would you find the current MP?
    The very same people now praising the current and aspiring UWP MP are the same ones who can tell you what they're dissatisfied with and who uptil the SLP candidate was announced claimed that they would never vote UWP again. They were and are the ones who can list for you the ways in which the current MP failed the constituency and put money in his family's pockets.
    I wonder about our people's intelligence.
    If he was going up on a UWP ticket, would a different song be sung? Hmmm
    Funny thing, this is not only happening in Micoud South but all over the island.


  2. Boy you Lucians never cease to amaze me. It's no wonder politicians feel that they can do whatever they feel.


  3. Why vote for Mr Ferdinand? So that Kenny can bring down some donkeys for the people of Micoud South because the conditions of the roads are so deplorable that what we the people of Micoud South will have to use soon. Ask Kenny what has he ever done for us in Micoud South during in term in office whether now or before. Ask him to name a project that came to being under his administration in Micoud South. I for one will not vote for any slp candidate that want to represent Micoud South. They have labelled us as a UWP constituency and that one thing I am proud of being a UWP.


  4. The Labour Party is using you as a means to an end. They are not intetested in the development of Micoud South and its people. They are only interested in fighting Allen Chastanet and his family.
    They will use you and force you to sink to the lowest levels of dirty politics. They will use you to intimidate and victimize people who do not support them. That is their style and sadly you have fallen for it.
    As a community activist can you identify the areas (besides football and teaching) that you were involved in?
    As a principal did you treat your staff with respect or did you look down on them and rule like a tyrant?
    How many of your students did you humiliate and refer to as low lives? How many parents did you chase away from your office with your arrogance and lack of compassion?
    You have now embraced a party that opresses the people of Micoud South and North and you say you are there to serve?
    They will come with the projects to try to fool the people as you are already trying to do but we know better. Even now you have started dishing contracts to your hacks. Contracts for works that they have zero experience in....but then again you are a follower of Kenny and that is what his followers do.


  5. Community Activist are you serious, have you ever sponsor any activity from your pocket, we have never seen you at any activity in the community except for football activities(if I am wrong someone please correct me) now that you what to become a politician you are at every bar (smh) that has never been your style (a man of PRINCIPLE) LOL.Mr. Ferdinand people see right through would have been better if you told the people that bar hopping is not your thing it has never been so don't expect you to do it. But its funny how when we want power how all our beliefs and PRINCIPLES go out the door. Food for thought.


  6. Everytime I listen to these labor candidates talk about they will do this and do that if elected I wonder whi party that is in government. Why couldn't you guys apply pressure on your government from 5 years ago to show the people that you cared don't you think that would give all of you a plus all these things you all promising could have started because your party in government. And the poor people refuse to open their eyes


  7. Why don't you teach SLP and yourself the virtue of honesty, empathy, and having a real purpose in life other than trying to fool people every time you people open your mouths?


    • Man of the soil? Is this the same soil test you used for Kenny Anthony? For Hilaire? Two top ranking candidates of SLP . And about feeling the pain. Kenny didn't seem to feel the pain of people from Vieux Fort in his 3 terms as PM. Hmmmmmm...... a PM for Micoud South again? Yes a PM for Micoud South


  8. It is necessary to have a new Prime Minister. The SLP is not presently a united
    bunch. There is new Labour and old Labour; in other words, pro and anti Kenny.
    Kenny's way of leadership is patterned after the Cuban way of leadership; he just cannot stand descent or questions of from other members in his party.
    Dictatorship is the order of the day; it's His way or the Highway. Kenny must go.


  9. Did I hear correctly? Former representative showed no support? Can I remind Mr Ferdinand that he was President of the Youth and Sports Council when 1) Desruisseaux Court was serviced with lights after the clearing of a steep outstanding bill at Lucelec 2) Desruisseaux field was graded and levelled with a new top layer placed: a project mounting up to more than $30,000 excluding the cost of the soil which was taken from the representative's family's property at no charge 3) a yearly budget of $6000 facilitated by the representative, given through the ministry to the DYSC to be used for sports and other council business.
    No support you say?
    There's much more done in the Ti Rocher area. Wouldn't mention it cause you wouldn't know these areas being you've never been there before your endorsement.
    Stay Tune. . More to come!


  10. That's all you can bring to the table, a certificate in coaching cricket? Kenny was a teacher and he probably taught you, and look how lousy of a job he did managing this country, almost driving us into destitution. That son on a beach.


    • And what is your certificate in? You need to go back to school and learn basic reading.


  11. Man go back and teacher politics not for, you thin skin , you said your family makes up 50% of the community but you never knew them till know .Well you will get 2% of that vote, sorry gibo no labour uwp all the way.


  12. Wishing you all the best on this new path that you have chose. Do not be deterred by the negativity that has since spewed forth since you embarked upon this journey.
    I pray that this election the electorate will think and vote with open eyes and minds, and not be blinded by colour. The people of Micoud South know what they've been subject to over the years. Maybe this time around they will be less jaded, less "traditional".


  13. we need to growth and development. We Need jobs for people to work and aply for loans to improve their family lifes. We need money in our pockets, not beg a Politian for a job we need sustainable jobs.


  14. THE TRUTH that's not even all. More important is what is the future of or how much csn a new or young politician acheive in the SLP under kenny Anthony. Pep is an example of how a young aspiring politician was crushed by political expediency. Why was he discarded with all of his medical talent.

    Same thing happened to ubaldus Raymond.

    So Guibion csn come with all his qualifications and diplomas wken kenny say dance you dance and when he say no is no. Poor feller entering the den of convenience and deceit.


  15. Mr.ferdinand...before going and compete in this election ..take time and think ..think of the all the bad u have done u wanna provide for the people ...


  16. having served in different capacities in Youth and Sports Organizations and holding different titles does not qualify you as a leader, the only reason Desruisseaux Football is such a success is because of the different people who decided to manage and sponsor the different football teams names that I do not need to mention because you know them. you spoke of lack of support from the previous representatives really (lol). Time will tell Mr. Ferdinand. Keep on fooling the people and see where that will get you. THE TRUTH SHALL COME TO LIGHT. This election is about people putting food on the table, money in their pockets proper health care (2 unfinished hospitals) and policies that will stimulate investments something that you party failed to do. we can have the biggest, nicest building 90 sporting complex and the people have no money in their pockets they will be of no use. all we have is Human Resource and this government has failed them.


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