Ashburn Holder plans to become the first St Lucian-born MP in Britain

Ashburn Holder plans to become the first St Lucian-born MP in Britain

(PRESS RELEASE) – A former financial consultant and community activist is attempting to become the first St Lucian born member of Parliament in the British House of Commons.

Ashburn Holder, who was born in the town of Vieux Fort and came to the UK at the portable age of six is standing as the Liberal Democrats candidate for Ilford South, a borough in the East end of London.

Ashburn, who is very active in local politics in the area says that he has not forgotten about the land of his birth. ” I came to London at a very young age and have not forgotten where I came from.” He said.”I love the land where I was born and Britain where I grew up. My UK history is as a long-term local resident, businessman & local campaigner on housing and various issues and the many changes the borough has gone through have been witnessed first-hand,”

Ashburn whose family settled in London many years ago is a co-opted member of the local Council’s External Scrutiny Panel, tackling crime, health, and transport. He is a Board Member of a local Tenant Management Organisation and previously sat on the Board of Redbridge Homes. He is passionate about housing and has been championing improvements in housing stock, quality of life of residents and building communities for over 10 years.

“As an advocate for those who have been unfairly incarcerated coupled with fighting for justice, liberty, and freedom on behalf
of the diaspora community is the second string to my political arm.” said Ash who is the Chairman of The Caribbean Libertarians Ltd.

The Budding MP said he keeps in touch with events happening in his homeland. “I Love St Lucia and always will. I am actively involved in activities that help promotes the land of my birth.”

Ash, as he is affectionately known, said he enjoys engaging with local communities on other issues such as education, health, leisure, policing and transport. He maintains that he is also passionate about localism and the importance of community for all ages and the need to provide activities for all ages from toddlers to the elderly. The Electronics boffin is calling for the youths to be given educational, employment and training opportunities.

“I am committed to providing social services, healthcare, and leisure activities for all and I recognize that although there are stresses in the economy requiring budgeting it is essential that we support the vulnerable, elderly, young, disabled, those with mental health issues and to work to ensure that no-one in Britain lives in poverty.” said the Briton,whose birth constituency of Vieux Fort is currently being represented by St Lucia’s former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Holder contends that he is standing to represent the values of the electorate in the Ilford South constituency and strongly believes that for a strong economy they need government, businesses, and enterprises to work together. His party describes him as the kind of person, local people want to stand up for them in Parliament.

“He is full of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment and is determined to ensure we build a fairer society for all living and working in Ilford South.” a statement from the party manifesto said.

Holder is getting support from the St Lucian diaspora in London. Bertram Leon, a fiercely loyal supporter wrote on his facebook page “wishing you votes and a win.” Another supporter Slal London wrote “Wishing Ashburn Holder, a Saint Lucian “Good luck” as he seeks election for the Lib Dems in Ilford South on 12th December 2019.”

When asked his reason for supporting the Liberal Democrats Holder said: “It is because I wholeheartedly believe in a good quality of life for everybody, with
absolutely no exceptions.”

The angel-faced Fifty-something said that he will continue to speak on the pertinent issues which will help strengthen and cement his 2019 campaign.

They are:

CRIME – zero tolerance of knife crime; drugs & prostitution- locally Ilford Lane has been the bane of many, no more.

 HOUSING – increased volume of affordable & social housing;
 HEALTH – expansion of the King George Hospital & non-expansion of London City Airport;
 EDUCATION – better funded, improved & increased teaching facilities;
 MORE POLICE – safer streets
 BETTER FACILITIES & protection for all vulnerable citizens, absolutely

“My honest belief is that the country in this election has been offered a real choice and fresh chance, not only make Ilford South a better place to work and live, but to change the course UK politics for generations “to come.

We have a real chance to create real and lasting change, which has been a very very long time coming – I know we can do better together” said Holder who spoke highly about his party leader Jo Swinson and the work she is doing to get their party elected to office. “Jo is doing a marvellous job. She is a very good leader.”


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