Aruba: RADEX BCMS is providing useful information during crisis

Aruba: RADEX BCMS is providing useful information during crisis

(PRESS RELEASE) – The current crisis that we are experiencing due to COVID-19 has been extremely rough to some industries and sectors. One of the most affected industries during this crisis has been the tourism and aviation industries.

With many countries on total lockdown in order to try to control the virus, tourism and traveling has stopped.

In Aruba, the immigration department uses RADEX BCMS, the border control management system, to process information about the incoming and outgoing travelers. Aruba is one of the countries on total lockdown, this means that RADEX BCMS is currently not processing travelers. However, RADEX BCMS has been extremely helpful to gather practical data such as the number of tourists still on the island, their nationalities, place of stay in Aruba and the number of residents of Aruba still abroad among many other information.

RADEX BCMS is an extremely useful tool to provide the government entities of Aruba this information during a very challenging time.

For more information about RADEX BCMS, visit our website or send an email to [email protected]


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