Arts fraternity mourns tragic passing of young creatives

Arts fraternity mourns tragic passing of young creatives
Celestin (left) was killed and Wells is suspected of drowning.
Celestin (left) was killed and Wells is suspected of drowning.

The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), and the extended Arts community extend deepest sympathies to the families of Ian Celestin and Curffy Clent Cuthbert Wells on the passing of their loved ones within the past two weeks.

Both young men met their untimely death in unfortunate circumstances at the height of their artistic pursuits. Their love for the Arts was evident in the passion which they poured into their craft.

The CDF is saddened and shocked by the news and wishes the family, friends and acquaintances of the artists comfort, strength and peace during this extremely difficult time.

Ian Celestin was an exceptional dancer who, along with a group of colleagues, recently performed an interpretive dance piece at this year’s Cultural Icon Series, celebrating the life and work of literary pioneer Garth St. Omer.

Celestin was a student of medicine with the American Institute of Medicine intent on becoming a general surgeon and entrepreneur. His grace as a dancer was remarkable and commendable, after spending close to a decade training in the art of dance.

A more recent photo of Wells

Curffy Wells was a young drummer who was registered as a participant in the Sound Waves: Transforming Youth at Risk through Music Project; a programme with its main aim to engage youth at risk, between 18 and 35 in a music focused training exercise.

The 12-month training programme is being executed by the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) with support from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF), the Department of Local Government, Culture and the Creative Industries as well as the Saint Lucia School of Music (SLSM).

Participants are set to graduate from the project which commenced in 2016, in mid- November of this year.


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  1. It will only be an act of consolation but no greater is the state now duty bound to do for Celestin, even if only in his memory, will be to thoroughly and successfully investigate his murder and bring the perpetrator(s) to a court to answer for what was done. So PM, Mr. Minister, Commissioner and Mr Desir that is what is called closure, extremely important if you don't know or forgot and what tax payers expect from the authorities.

    So surprise the boy's family and solve that one even as the bag of unsolved crime is bursting.


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