Artreach ends in a resounding festival climax this week

Artreach ends in a resounding festival climax this week

Excitement is in the air at the Cultural Development Foundation as it prepares to end this year’s national Arts Festival in a grand finale this week – with 5 packed nights of creativity all at the National Cultural Centre.

The schedule for the grand “Festival Climax” is as follows:

Film Night – Wednesday, April 3.
Lead by P.A.C.E.  Featuring films, documentaries, videos and documentary clips from artistes and media production houses.

Spoken Word & Literary Night – Thursday, April 4.
Lead by Head Phunk.
Featuring: Felicia Montoute, Naomi Grandison, Flora Jesse Leonce, Gajanan Nataraj, Tree-C, Kezia Aurelien, Black Crayon, Gower Aimable

Feature Kendel Hippolyte
Theatre Night – Friday, April 5.
Featuring: “End Game” written by Samuel Beckett will be directed by Drenia Frederick and her group Zanaida Productions.
“Silent Scars” written by Hayden Ford and Gemstone Productions in addition to a popular theatre piece entitled “It takes a community to raise a child”.
Prologue to “Beekeepers Daughter” written and directed by Ms. Florita Nicholas and her group; ACT NOW generation.

Dance – Saturday, April 6.  Actually two events – Daytime for kids, evening for adults:
Junior Dance Festival, Start time: 2:30pm
Featuring: Youth Aflame, Silver Shadow, Youth on Fire, Avad dance Ministry, Chrystilites, CAM  Dancers, Charmalion  Dance Co., St. Lucia School of Ballet, (VIDA) Visual Impact Dance Academy

Adults Dance Festival, Start time: 7:30pm
Featuring: Youth Aflame, Chrystalites, Miracle Dancers, St. Lucia School of Ballet, Claraties Dance  Group, Entitled   Dance company, Silver Shadow Dance Academy, Expectation International, Avad Dance Ministry, Stars Incorporated, Bethel Art Ministry, Dance St. Lucia, En de dance.

Composition and Song Night – Sunday, April 7 , 8:00 PM.
Featuring the work of 4 composers. First half of Night music backing by DYP whilst second half by Royal St. Lucia Police Band.
Francis ‘Leebo’ De Lima
Michel ‘Meshack’ Nestor
Zephrin ‘Face’ Calixte
Gene Lawrence

The CDF is gratified at the tremendous positive feedback it has received regarding the quality and content of the National Arts Festival this year. The Arteach Facebook page has been bubbling with recognition of local artistes and other useful updates and discussions.

CDF/NAF invites all of Saint Lucia and visitors to turn out in numbers and take in as many of the nights as possible as Artreach climaxes in a celebration of the creativity and artistry of our people for 2013.


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