Artists call out issued for Arts Village

Artists call out issued for Arts Village


PRESS RELEASE – A call is issued to Saint Lucian artists, sculptors and photographers with an interest in being showcased at the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival’s first ever Arts Village  to select and submit their work. Pieces will be assessed based on specifications which can be downloaded from the facebook pages of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival and the Arts Village.

The deadline for submission of works is April 22nd, 2016, and submissions should be delivered to premises of one of the co-production entities, event company Options Ltd., at La Clery, Castries.

Entries should be accompanied by the artist’s bio, the title of the work, its size, year produced and medium. Each submission should also be accompanied by five digital images in jpeg format at no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) sized approximately 4’’ x 6’’. These can be delivered on hard drive or sent via email.  The Arts Village reserves the right of selection or non-selection. Those submitting work on canvas are asked not to frame their pieces; however, artists will be present for the hanging of their work and therefore will be made aware of the selected mode of display.

No registration fee is required for participation in the Arts Village, and all works will be presented for sale, unless otherwise requested by the Artists. Artists are therefore encouraged to submit only works which are available for sale.


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  1. The last paragraph of this article is not clear and comes across as contradictory. The option should be given to the artist to either sell his work, or still put a price on it for whatever reason, e.g. for insurance purposes. This information should really be on the registration form, and not on the press release.


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