Arthur Allain releases “Who I Am #StLucian” remix

Arthur Allain releases “Who I Am #StLucian” remix

2016-02-02 14_34_41-Arthur Allain releases Who I am #StLucian Remix - - GmaiPRESS RELEASE – Reigning groovy monarch Arthur Allain of EvaLucian has released a remix to his 2015 winning single “Who I am #WestIndian” as “Who I am #StLucian”, to commemorate the 37th anniversary of St. Luica’s Independence.

This has been accompanied by a music video edited by Francis Delima & Pierre Chester, and directed by Danielle Dubois. The video features picturesque shots of St. Lucia, many different elements of St. Lucian culture as well as acclaimed icons throughout St. Lucian history, who have contributed to the development of our beautiful island. The song was written by writing duo Danielle Dubois and Arthur Allain, as well as St. Lucian icon producer Francis DeLima. “Who I am” was also produced by Claude Jonas and Francis “Leebo” Delima.

The video released through the “St. Lucia 37” facebook page, has been received to great review from St. Lucians all over the world, amassing FB views of over 80,000 and over 3000 shares in mere days.

Arthur is slated to perform in Houston, Texas for the St. Lucia Houston Foundation’s annual Independence gala on February 20th, and also on Feb 22nd at the National Rally to be held at the Mindoo Phillip Park.

The video is now available for viewing in HD on youtube here:


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  1. The West Indian version was already inspiring but localizing this to our Fair Helen just gave me goosebumps. St Lucians unite! Proud and Strong! Well done Arthur.


  2. Arthur, garcon you will have to change your lyrics. Who and what is a Saint Lucian eh what it used to be. Doh forget dem CIP people.


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