Art Exhibition postponed

Art Exhibition postponed

PRESS RELEASE – The Cultural Development Foundation regretfully wishes to inform the public that the art exhibition scheduled to open on 31st July, 2014, has had to be postponed.

Late arrival of the shipment containing major pieces for display at the exhibition has resulted in the inevitable postponement. The Art Exhibition will feature the illustrious work of three (3) Saint Lucian artists whose work fits the theme, “Emancipation to La Woz – Dance or Die”.

Prodigy, Jallim Eudovique will be exhibiting work returned to Saint Lucia specifically for this exhibition. This collection of work entitled, “Koudmen” was on display at the prestigious Stephen Lawrence Centre (SLC) in the UK, under invitation by Doreen Lawrence. Jallim’s work will also be part of a fundraising drive for the SLC next year for the development work they carry out. From the UK exhibition, one of his exhibits was selected by the Queen’s Jubilee Committee to be erected as a monument in London; another acquired by China as a public monument and two other similar requests are down for consideration.

Fiona Compton’s contribution to the art exhibition will be a photographic art re-interpretation of the 1970’s Black Power Movement displaying recreations of icons through the years. She will also show a selection of her Paradise Prints fashion line. This graduate of Central St. Martin’s and London College of Printing (Communication) produces art pieces reflective of the vibrancy of her Caribbean heritage. She has photographed entertainment personalities and heads of state but remains drawn to exploring the artistic possibilities of photography and the creative expression of hand-painted fashion.

Luigi St. Omer explores and combines modern with traditional themes. His works speak of his love for colour and his love of the past; rural Caribbean life – its landscapes and the people. His manipulation of colour on canvas creates a feeling of movement; a non-conventional style developed during art school at the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts in Jamaica. Luigi was invited to display his work at the Folkstone Grande in the UK despite following his enquiry, being informed that the exhibition was full, he asked that the organizer to take a look at his work online for consideration in the future.

After one look at his work, Luigi was invited to have his work in the exhibit. In fact, he was given prime positioning on the walls facing the grand entrance – testament to the power of his collection. His offerings for this exhibition tells the story of the journey of a young man, from one of Saint Lucia’s rural communities who builds his life from the ground up after running away from home at the age of eight.

CDF wishes to invite the public to view the art exhibition during the month-long Emancipation to La Woz celebrations. The revised dates and times for public viewing will be announced in a subsequent press release.


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