Arreaza denounces international coup against Venezuela

Arreaza denounces international coup against Venezuela

(RNV) – The Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, described on Tuesday the sanctions adopted by the Council of Ministers of the European Union against Venezuela as violating the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, for which he warned that “they are trying to apply an international coup against the country”.

The Minister pointed out that this is intended to create the conditions for an international intervention in the country and “change the regime by force”.

The official denounced the alliance of different world actors to prevent the advance of the Bolivarian Revolution, remembering that Venezuela has large mineral resources, the largest reserves of oil and gas, has a popular and participatory democratic system and a people in rebellion.

He pointed out that this type of coercive measures beyond having an immediate effect on the officials indicated in the resolution of the US Treasury Department has a political background; what is sought is to generate the conditions for an intervention.

The Chancellor stressed that the role assumed by the opposition leadership in the international campaign against Venezuela, responds to their interest in the economic field, highlighting the links of political organizations such as Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular and Vente Venezuela, among others, with international banking and risk rating agencies.

“How is that, that political leaders of the MUD, of the Venezuelan opposition are going around the world, asking the financial system of the United States and Europe to sanction their country, so that we can not import food, medicines?, so as not to we can fulfill our international commitments and so they block us financially and generate the humanitarian crisis of which they speak (…) ?”


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