Armed robbery in Vieux-Fort

Armed robbery in Vieux-Fort
Otto’s Bar
Otto’s Bar

A masked gunman robbed a popular bar in Vieux-Fort last week and escaped with an undisclosed sum of money.

The bar, Otto’s Bar, located on Clarke Street, was robbed last Wednesday, close to 10 p.m.

The incident caused the five persons who were in the bar at the time to panic.

According to the cashier, Alphia James, the bandit barged into the bar and demanded that she put all the cash in her possession in a plastic bag which he had in his pocket, at the same time putting a gun on the counter.

She said she complied, but not immediately.

“I was very afraid…” she told this reporter.

The thief, whose image was caught on camera, was wearing a black shirt and a blue jeans, and his face covered with a white mask.

As he left the bar, he threw some of the money in the air, saying “You all want money, take money.”

Hermi Charles, the son of the business owner, said the incident has left them very worried.

“The incident has awakened us…. We did not expect that to happen…” Charles said.

He called on business owners in Vieux-Fort to be vigilant.

Up to this morning (Monday) no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Investigations by this reporter have revealed that attempts were made to rob other business houses in Vieux-Fort with a similar mask.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of robberies and attempted robberies of business houses in Vieux-Fort.


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  1. Business owners need to get licensed firearms and let these fools know what time it is. I just hate to see people work hard to earn a living and others come to steal. They want the easy way out....take them out!!


  2. you all missen whole thing why it went down way it did cause you looked at distracting the money,not that he had bad limp in left leg,like it paralyzed or should be able to find him just from that alone.


  3. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet, and one-third of the sun was struck, and one-third of the moon, and one-third of the stars, and they became dark. And one-third of the day was dark, and also one-third of the night.

    – Revelation 8: 12


  4. Maybe the robber was looking for the million dollars VF Square project? When he noticed he only got peanuts he threw it away!!!!


  5. The behaviour displayed by the bandit after the robbery seems to suggest that the motive was not just robbery, but a show dissatisfaction with the bar owner. Seems like he has a beef with the owner or did it for spite because of jealousy. Don't ' crucify me for my thought.


    • That was his way of destruction to get away. While everyone is looking at the money falling, so is the owner (looking whose picking up); the robber does his getaway and no one sees where he goes


  6. and this is where the govt wants to build top level resorts. better review that decision. the pr will be worse when tourists start getting robbed more and more. let Kenny live in his utopia


  7. It may sound harsh, but when you take the law into your hands and call it justice you are breaking the law. Protect your business the best way possible, but do not break the law. St. lucia is too small for all that shit to be happening. It is as though we do not have a government to give us some form of protection.


  8. I mean why would you go robb a place then throw the money in the air and shout yo wsnt money take money.So the robbers doing that for fun.Well to the business owners,you'll sitting to'll need to hire some bad boys who know other bad boys to pritect you'll business in other words some clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson,Rambo somebody youll need gates,check point at gate and youll might meed to fence not barb wire because these criminals can cut things.and light up the premises put security and bad man all over you'll will have to pay them,what ever they like.Because if you'll had bavk up you'll could have fire back at them when they was leaving,St.lucia think,think the criminals 4 steps ahead of youll CHOOPS.


    • Putting everything else you said aside, I would love to highlight your statement " them,whatever they like". You are clearly not business minded and are also inviting a mobster mentality where we now have to "pay" gangsters/bad boys for protection from "other" gangsters/bad boys (cause they are trustworthy and will never ever work against the business owner right?). This helps how again? How dumb can you be...


    • Who are you and where did you come from ... this isn't a movie, this is people's livelihood we're talking about.. sit down somewhere please and stop breathing , oxygen thief ...


  9. I suppose, as some UWPs said during the last administration, the "young" people are doing what they are doing because "the government not checking for them". I wonder if they still think that way? Hmmmmm!


    • Many years ago we never had much and we didn't go robbing people of they hard earn money. Some young people today is just too gready, green eye and lazy. They want everything they see. There isn't much jobs; but I know of some that would rather don't work than to get caught doing certain jobs they believe is below them. It's a competition with everything. Never want to be cought at an event with the same clothes or shoes twice. We need to go back and learn the value go things and money. The important of needs and wants.


    • And who would you attribute that quote to? In any event the statement may still be true because the government (UWP and SLP) has not focused their attention enough on helping youth/children. However, the jury is still out whether that would change under this administration because they are only one year into their tenure. The only way is to hope that they would tackle the problem. Meanwhile, we do know that disenfranchised/marginalized youth is not the sole contributor to crime.

      The fact is crime has many causes and unless ALL tackled at some substantial level we would still have the problem. Therefore this statement is incorrect if said by you or by the UWP. If we continue to make crime a political subject we will continue to be in dire straits. Political pundits who promote that type of thinking should be reminded the which ever party forms the government and fails, its a failure for the whole country including themselves. That is why we should adhere to either constructive criticism of interventions or supporting interventions that we think will succeed in reducing crime.

      One intervention on the part of this administration was the enhancement of the municipality police. The measure could either be good or bad, we know that this measure is not enough. so we can criticize it or add to it.


      • Whoever said that crime should not be politicized is guilty of poor thinking. Don't we politicized our finances, health and others? What makes crime different? The answer may be the originator had no solution to crime. This is a diversionary technique that doesn't solve problems. If there is a problem, confront it from all angles. Full stop.


    • This behavior has nothing to do with the government because if he was frustrated about the country's situation he wouldn't just throw the money like that


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