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Armed robbery in Saltibus

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police are investigating an armed robbery in Saltibus on Saturday afternoon in which two masked man – one armed with a gun and the other with a cutlass – held up a goods van, according reports.

No one was hurt.

The culprits made off with a gold chain and a pouch with an undisclosed sum of money when they held up a driver and a passenger after 3 p.m.

No further details were available.

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  1. Saltibus again....

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  3. Had that been me, i would run over all of them...then drive to the nearest police station and let it be known i may have injured or kill a few people in the process of fleeing an attempted robbery, im not afraid to right them off, for the same reason they think can harm you.

  4. I'm happy that no one got hurt, but still smh. There are people who hustle to make a little money, and some heartless criminals would just steal from them, rob or even hurt them. It's just sad.

    • Yet when somebody or the police kill one of these idiots there are some people who think they're so holy and want to criticize, its time examples are made of these criminals.

    • The truth is an Offence but not a What ??? Thats right lol

      The same way he was huslting at his Job the Robber was huslting for himself too thats life it wont change anytime soon sadly

      • You idiot you have more nerves than brains..........Your comment speaks for itself,you are are as bright as you 4ing sound......10 watts at best happy Monday you moron.


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