Armed robbery in Castries caught on camera (+video)

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Ideal Bakery on Water Works Road in Castries was robbed by two bandits on Monday evening (Nov. 12).

And the whole scenario was captured on security cameras.

The manager of the bakery told St. Lucia News Online that the incident occurred at 7:20 p.m.

A female employee was the only person in the bakery at the time when the two bandits, one armed with a handgun, carried out the robbery from over the counter.  The manager said the employee has been left traumatized by the incident. He said this is not the first time the bakery has been robbed.

The bandits fled with an undisclosed sum of cash. See the video below

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  1. if its not the first time get a security wicked manager u even have the ordacity to say its not the first time and ur not getting a security awah

  2. The manager said the employee has been left traumatized by the incident. He said this is not the first time the bakery has been robbed.

    According to the manager this wasn’t the first time this bakery had been broken into. My question for the manager is this: What have your company put in place to protect your staff and to prevent such from happening? Since this wasn’t the first time, shouldn’t your managing team been more proactive in protecting your business and most importantly your staff? We have seen in the past that CCTV cameras alone don’t protect businesses, not if the faces of these unscrupulous individuals have their face covered?
    it is my professional opinion that businesses should look to spend more and do more to protect firstly the lives of their staff and their business. They need to start thinking outside the box. One example where this behaviour would not happened again is to prevent access for anyone to have their hand enter beyond the counter, like it did in this situation. One way in achieving this is to have deeps where the cash in placed in a deep like those used at gas stations and then the item placed there for the customer. That way there will be no form of contact. This is only one form of protection.

  3. Poor black people stop breeding and having children, y’all are the reason for these crimes.

  4. First, my sympathy to the young lady. Pointing a gun at someone can traumatize them to an extent that they have everlasting anxiety problems.
    What you saw was terror. I guess Mary & Co are waiting for the White man’s to declare it terror. Yes, this is small island states terror. Doesn’t security needs dictate that hoodies be outlawed? I can’t recall the last time I froze outdoors in St. Lucia. If you have, let us know.

  5. well why isn’t there a security there. this one person alone in a bakery . also theres nobody watching the camera. its time the place step up it security. yes the burglar proof is there and they still got away with cash or eles the girl would have been shot. she did the right thing. just hand over it.

  6. IMAGINE THAT!!! The whole thing was caught on camera.. so its a little easier for the police..lets hope and see if they can catch them this time. half the work is done!

    • Having cameras at the establishment in this case does not lessen the work for the police. Base on the video, the individual’s faces were covered and oh the camera would not and cannot uncover their faces. Don’t blame the police.

  7. Let the lazy police force go to work to catch the thieves,with you all over work BS.


  9. look at all the people passing and no body comes to help… Sad 🙁

    Everyone is afraid for their own life whiles these lazy assholes do as they please.

    • Is like you didn’t see the gun in his hand. would you go and help?
      As far as i’m concerned I am not a police officer and the money company has insurance.

    • come to help like seriously, you’re only helping in this case if you’re armed otherwise you may just end up on the casualty list.

    • which people do you see passing? you see a vehicle passing ppl eyes on the road how do they even know whats going on in the bakery? make use of your brain ! smh

    • I said what I said

      Would you have walked in and helped? Would you have placed your life on the line to save hers?
      What would you have done? Ya’ll always quick to talk big behind the security of your computers.
      Just be happy she is unhurt and an innocent person did not lose their life.

    • The police would have gladly taken them out but Kenny & Co. had to fly over to the US Embassy to run their a** for cheap political points….and looks where we’re at now. Our lawmen’s hands are tied. Thank you Kenny,

      • What has Kenny and Co, has to do with the robbery which took place? Wasn’t it Chastanet who said during his campaigning for the last election that he was going to take care of crime because Kenny did not know what to do? Stop with your bullshit and let us come together as a people and work together to find solution to this problem we as a people face in this country. The crime problem in St. Lucia is not the fault of UWP nor SLP, so stop with that foolishness.

      • Shout you FM with your garbage ! A cop cannot be everywhere no matter how sate of the art your police force is

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