Armed robbery of ‘Chinese restaurant’ in Castries caught on camera (see viral videos)

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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The Sea Town ‘Chinese restaurant’ on Brazil Street, Castries was robbed by two bandits on Sunday night, May 5.

And videos of the robbery have gone viral (SEE VIDEOS BELOW THE ARTICLE)

The robbery, which occurred minutes before 7 p.m., was carried out by two males, one armed with a knife and the other with a handgun.

No one was harmed.

The bandits entered the restaurant just as a male customer, who was accompanied by a child, appears to be making an order. The customer dashes out of the way when he notices the bandits.

In the videos, the bandit with the firearm is the first to enter the restaurant, without wearing a mask. However, seconds later he pulls a black rag from his shorts and uses it to cover his face, from the nose down.

After pulling out the firearm, he points it at an Asian-looking man, who was seated, for a brief moment while the other bandit, who is dressed in a greenish hoodie and shorts, and brandishing a knife, makes his way to the cashier counter, and makes demands from the female employee, who complies.

After taking cash, the bandit appears to take beverages from the freezer as the video ends.

Reports are that they managed to take less than $200 in cash.

The frightened female employee had only resumed working at the restaurant for a few days, according to sources.

The Asian-looking man, who was seated when the bandits arrived, is reportedly the restaurant’s chef, a national of The Philippines.

There have been no reports of any arrest made in the matter but we will provide more information as it becomes available.

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