Armed robbery at Soufriere business, shots fired

Armed robbery at Soufriere business, shots fired

Police are investigating an armed robbery that ocurred in Anse Mamin, Soufriere today, Dec. 13, according to law enforcement sources.

Reports are that least two masked gunmen robbed a restaurant and bar around 1 p.m.

The bandits made off with cash and personal items from an employee, as well as drinks from the bar.

A resident in the area told St. Lucia News Online that shots were heard in the direction of the business establishment.

A police source confirmed that shots were fired during the incident but no one was injured.



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  1. You what the president of the Philippine does, that should time take of the criminals in St.Lucia. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


  2. Anse chastanets hotel jade mountain extensions bar at anse mamin...funny how they blocked all thathout lol heard 9 fellars were involved tourists running everywhere....


    • WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: I was there. TOURISTS Enjoying their "world's best hamburger" guests of Jade Mountain and Chanste Resort. 4 Masked gunmen came out of the bushes with rifles and started attacking the staff to rob them, while the tourists started running for their lives. They escaped, the bar/restaurant staff injured. Police investigating. Occured Wed. Dec. 13th, 2017. Guests badly traumatized by the event. Thought they were going to be shot in the back while they ran for their lives. was like something out of a bad nightmare or a movie.
      St. Lucia is becoming too dangerous of a place to vacation. I will not go Back.


    • Do what the President of the Philippine does. that should take care of crimes. Desperate times call for desperate measure.


  3. Well denials and sweeping under the carpet will get us no where.
    Firstly the Prime Minister and Montoute said crime is on the decrease despite what his RSLPF says! Ummmm.
    Second the PM says he has the answer to the homicides only he needs time! Ummmm.
    Third his Minister of National Security says the press is too negative! Ummmm.
    its not a rushed one day conference that will fix crime. It had to be steady and well thought out strategies over the years. Providing the police with much needed training and resources over the years.
    While government sleeps the criminals are at work


  4. This whole country has a problem and it begins with the entire Justice system. If the officials were doing their jobs them the criminals would think twice but the police are busy providing private security for businesses who can afford to pay so they are never available to do their jobs. I think that all jouverts were cancelled because the police don't have enough manpower available as they are all off doing private work. What a shame.


  5. Remember folks we do not have a crime problem. Nothing to see here. It did not happen. Move along now.


    • I hope you say that when its your turn .. when they Rob or kill someone in your Family say the same thing okay buddy .. Making fun of what our slave Master said wont help anything


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