Armed robbery at Elcock’s shop in Anse La Raye revives memory of fatal shooting

Armed robbery at Elcock’s shop in Anse La Raye revives memory of fatal shooting
In December 2016, Glasgow was shot and killed after an alleged robbery at Elcock’s shop, where an armed robbery also occurred on Monday, May 6, 2019

The brazen daylight armed robbery on Monday, May 6 at Elcock’s shop in Morne D’or, Anse La Raye brings back memories of a fatal shooting that occurred at the same business place.

Reports indicate that around 2:30 p.m.,  a car stopped at the shop and three masked individuals, all brandishing firearms, came out of the vehicle and made demands.

The bandits left with a CPJ goods/sales van and a licensed firearm, taken from the owner of the shop, according to reports.

About six people — including CPJ workers — were at the shop at the time of the incident. However, no one was harmed and nothing else was taken by the bandits.

A voice-note circulating on social media, of a male talking about the incident, has indicated that the CPJ ‘wines and spirits’ van was recovered nearby in Vanard, shortly after the robbery. However, St. Lucia News Online has not been able to officially verify this information.

This incident comes about two and a half years after the shooting death of 57-year-old Hippolyte Glasgow of Morne D’or, after an alleged robbery at Elcock’s business.

A police press release at the time stated: “According to reports, on Monday, December 12, 2016 about 9:40 a.m. two unmasked males were fleeing from Elcock’s supermarket after an alleged robbery, during which time gunshots were fired resulting in the deceased sustaining a wound about the chest area.”

A post-mortem revealed Glasgow, a former barman for Sandals resort, died “as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to a gunshot injury to the chest”. His death was the 29th homicide in 2016.

A St. Lucia News Online report, at that time, indicated that just minutes before he was shot, the Morne D’or resident had left the supermarket after purchasing flour and was sitting on the side of the road.

Residents in the area believe Glasgow was shot because he knew the bandits.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness to the most recent robbery at Elcock’s told MBC that this was the second time a robbery occurred at the shop.

Explaining what happened, Gillbert Cook told MBC: “We just saw a vehicle reversing towards the shop with a number 43. So am saying that number looking strange. Forty-three? Yea, and as I finished say that, the guys just pulled out of the car, three of them, each of them had guns.

“There was a goods vehicle outside, they went straight up to the guy and say pass the keys and they point a pistol at a friend of mine who was there, who has a licensed firearm. They asked him to lift up his shirt and they took the firearm.”

Cook told MBC that the incident has left the patrons extremely traumatised. He said this was the first time he was witnessing such an incident.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident. But have they solved Glasgow’s homicide?

Two days after he was killed, news broke that a male suspect was hospitalized after being shot in the leg. It was also reported that he was suspected to be one of two males who shot Glasgow.

There has been no update since.


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  1. if yall smart yall would know that the guys who rob yall are just around the area cause first of all how would one of them know to just walk up to Gillbert Cook's friend and just tell him lift up his shirt and take the firearm? its obvious he know the friend and know he has a licensed firearm and the van was ditched in vanard.

    Gillbert Cook i think you to stupid. why did you tell the news people your name and plus you saying the number of the car. who tell you that the fellas dont know you to and will come and kill you for doing just that. You could have just said that you dont want to be mentioned.


  2. Now owning a business is dangerous..... this kind of thing just frustrates me so much.


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    • and you self what long paragraph you coming and write there. i know you mean well but please stick to the story at hand, you just coming an write a whole encyclopedia that have nothing to do with the story


  4. More and more the citizens of this country feel unsafe. This pretending government that was unfortunately elected doesn't have a clue! We remain passive and continue to make excuses for a buffoon as a PM! What more must happen to our country for us to realize that these guys are only serving themselves and some choice people.


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