Armani Paul in critical condition – police report

Armani Paul in critical condition – police report
Armani Paul (left) and Curtis Charlery.
Armani Paul (left) and Curtis Charlery.
Armani Paul (left) and Curtis Charlery.

One of two males who sustained gunshot wounds in an attack in Blackstars, Morne Du Don, Castries on Thursday night is currently battling for life in hospital, according to a police report.

Armani Paul of Morne Du Don is currently at Victoria Hospital in critical condition, police said in a press release.

The other victim of the shooting, 18-year-old Curtis Charlery of Morne Du Don, succumbed to his injuries.

The shooting occurred around 9 p.m.

Police said they discovered Paul and Charley lying on the ground when they arrived on the scene. Charley was motionless and succumbed to his injuries at Victoria Hospital, police said.

Both victims reportedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

No one has been arrested to date and police sources theorise the shooting was gang-related.

This is the 14th homicide for 2015.


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  1. To be honest with this boy sitting down in that photo.All i can say is that,you live by the gun you die by that same gun.This boy was already obsessed with guns.Pendant of a gun around his neck,now his fingers shape like a gun as we all can see.Boy!! go and rest in your grave.What you sow,that is what you must reap.The parents wasn't forcus enough on this boy.It appears to me he may have killed someone already following the revenge mechanism to shoot him back.That is not what i prayed for but,this boy had serious problems.


  2. bad boys killing bad boys let them die . the police hands are tied please untie the poilce to serve secure and protet mother helen is suffering
    crime does not paye you rip what you sow dont let the pm or torism minister go to imf we will suffer . lets suport the police and the make helen the safest northen winward island


  3. Look at the hand signals are Lucians Blind then their friends with peas for brains speak of how good they were ! Good riddance , less garbage for the police to deal with !


  4. A life cut short too soon.

    Youngsters please, there is a better way. Work hard, pray and stay on the right path.

    Gangs and crime is not the route to go, regardless how glamorous that life looks. It never ends well, think twice.


  5. the war must stop... am scared for my kids my daughter age 7 is afraid to leave the house. she says she dnt wanna go to school anymore.. She's terrified. thats not good enough


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