Are you ready for 2014? 10 marketing trends and developments

Leslie Collymore

“The past cannot be changed, but the future is yet in your power”—or so goes an old saying.

As a “once upon a time” good history student, though, I can tell you that it’s much easier to rewrite history than it is to leave an impact on or to predict the future. Still, in the spirit of prediction season, I offer here 10 trends of 2013 that I think will grow even more prominent in 2014.

1. Digital marketing will continue to grow

It’s pretty obvious to just about everyone that digital marketing is becoming the main channel for demand generation. But despite the adoption levels of digital marketing, there’s still a lot more upside. In 2014, digital marketing will continue to see huge adoption rates as businesses of all sizes implement all manner of digital marketing tactics.

2. Digital marketing services will surge

Subsequent to digital marketing’s mass adoption, digital marketing services will spike. Consultants, agencies, and new services will surge to support new users and meet their demand for assistance.

3. Content creation services and software will proliferate

Content marketing is becoming the core of just about every marketing initiative for marketing. In 2014, we will see a host of software and services solutions for content creation and syndication emerge as companies try to use content for more demand- and lead-generation results.

4. Integrated marketing will gain popularity

After new channels stabilize as standalone, consistent lead-gen options (social media, content marketing) and new channels and tactics emerge with enormous promise (mobile, retargeting), 2014 will become the year of integrated marketing campaigns. Marketers will try to combine tactics to make use of the compounded effect of multiple channels’ working in unison. The market will react as more solutions will come to offer the ability to manage and measure integrated campaigns in one place, marking a decline in the adoption of one-dimensional solutions.

5. Direct mail will make a return

Believe it or not,while digital marketing rises, sophisticated marketers will recognize the potential of direct mail coupled with an online connection to break through the noise. Solutions and services that offer integrated—offline and online—approaches will emerge and gain traction as a result of being affordable and highly measurable.

6. Big Data applications will emerge

Big Data has been the hot topic in the media for the last 18 months, and big companies such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, and other software conglomerates have been developing solutions to tackle Big Data. In 2014, we will see solutions emerge and adopted that offer big data applications for day-to-day marketing campaigns.

7. The immeasurable will become measurable

In 2014, we noticed a lot of talk about measurement and the ability to justify marketing efforts. As ROI becomes essential to the broad adoption of any marketing tactic, in 2013 solutions and services will find ways to measure previously immeasurable tactics and evaluate their contribution to the bottom line.

8. PPC (Pay-per-Click) will decline as budgets move to other paid solutions

In 2013 we’ve seen the first signs of decline in PPC usage for B2B companies. In the next year, more budgets will move away from PPC to new and more affordable channels and tactics.

9. Marketing spend on software will increase

As more software and infrastructure for marketing is required, marketing’s budget will match IT’s.

10. Sales responsibilities will move to marketing

The expansion of lead generation responsibilities in B2B marketing is resulting in the moving of more sales-related tasks to marketing. In 2014 we will see marketing teams take over more sales tasks, such as lead qualification, inside sales team management, and sales operations.

About the author

Leslie Collymore is the Ffounder of Advanced Intellectual Methods (A.I.M), a management consulting think tank and leads the digital team bringing the richest, most diverse digital talent and resources to bear on behalf of all their clients.

A proven digital marketing and strategy leader in the region, Mr. Collymore is well-known for his ability to help clients drive adoption, change and understanding through unique combinations of digital strategies and channels. A motivated leader, he is known for the well prepared and very interactive workshops and seminars that he has delivered for and on behalf of several clients.

An experienced marketing and technology evangelist, Mr. Collymore holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and several post graduate certifications in digital marketing, social media, search engine technologies, and strategic sales.  He has penned several articles on digital marketing, strategy, social media and business intelligence/analytics.

He is presently the assistant manager for group marketing at East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited with direct responsibility of all subsidiaries: advertising and promotions, branding, product development and management, digital marketing and events.

His client experience includes success with dozens of diverse brands from various industries including but not limited to government, statutory bodies, telecommunications, hospitality, retail, sports administration, banking and finance.


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