Are there ANY good Lucian men available?

Are there ANY good Lucian men available?

Dear Willie:
While in search of regional weather news a few months ago, I discovered SNO and have been a regular visitor to your site. I enjoy reading your column and decided to seek your advice.

It was only today (Oct 23, 2014) that I read with interest, comments made regarding a letter titled “I am not in love with my husband”. I was most surprised that one blogger stated that he considers only approximately 0.001% of Lucian women to be good.

What about the men? What percentage would you consider good? 0.0000000001%?

I really need to know because I happen to like one of them, but given the low opinion of your women, I’m assuming it’s even worse for the men. Should I forget about getting involved with any Lucian man and remain as I am? It’s not that I can’t find a man where I live, it just happens that I like this Lucian.


Dear Rose: I wish it was me you had liked because I can’t get any girls here. They say so many false things about me that all the good women stay away, so am looking overseas. Anyway, just joking.

On the serious side though, you should not allow peoples’ opinions to shape your life. Who knows? Maybe the Lucian man you like is the one of the few good ones left to sample.

Give it a try and in six months (if it lasts that long) write us back to let us know how it is going or how it went.

A few months ago, a beautiful, young St. Lucian wrote me, explaining how difficult it had been getting the right partner.¬†She is now a happy woman so don’t give up on Lucian men. Date and sample several of them.

The Lucian women boast about them to me every day, telling me I gotta match up or ship out, so I am confident things will go well. You won’t know how tasty a banana is unless you bite it.


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  1. RP hey God bless ur heart we all have our soulmate out their, I am inthe US n girl I want a real christian lucian men .there r good n bad men n women everywhere, so kindly leave a message


  2. I am a born again christian n I take my chridtian life very serious.I am looking for a real serious christian man who is interested in a relationship.I am a very good woman n have been serving the Lord fsithfully for over 27yrs.I am from st. Lucia, so if u have wat i'm looking for please write a message


  3. cant find a good man? how would u like to check a Real American Hero? i still have some G.I. Joes left over from my childhood. you can have them. and if they ever disappoint u, u could always sell them on ebay


  4. why cant ppl just be happy by themselves? do u so desperately really need anyone? dont u love yourself enough to be content in life? people=stress and stress kills, so why be so suicidal? everyone has a soulmate and u will inevitably be with that person. u may meet them tomorrow or in twenty years. but u will meet that special someone. just stay positive in the meantime. i feel like i havent found my God-ordained match yet so im just takin it easy for now. i dont need to complicate my life with anyone else. im comfortable, i have a dog and an xbox and a sh*tload of porn on my phone and some "friends" i can pay to pleasure me. life is peachy.


    • Oh, Marvin, Marvin! I'm by no means a desperate woman at all. I've been out of a relationship for a number of years by choice. If I was desperate I'd take anything that comes along.

      I could've been in a relationship right now if I wanted. I won't date a man for his material assets, but I'll be with one for love. I'll probably never grow to love a man I don't have chemistry with because when he starts doing annoying things I'll probably grow to dislike instead of love him, however, if I really love him from the start maybe I'll able to overlook a lot of those things.

      After seeing how Lucian women were being bashed I threw out the question to provoke discussion. I really wanted to get a good idea of what the men are like and from what was written, God have mercy, it scares me.


  5. I am sorry but i am sad to say im a lucian , the men here lie, use and abuse women too much.Its like they do not know what being a true respectable man is. Theh islands too small so they got to hungry and in turn lost the true value of being a hard working, honest, caring lucian man. It really is sad and i see things only getting worse for st lucia and the young people. We talk about raising our flags high but what about the morals and understanding.There may be a very very few good ones but out of the around 170,000 people here i give maximum 10,000 good its sad and too many men want to depend on women and vice versa come on people God blessed you with life dossomething good with it and dont let him down. Both men and women are to blame a society on a whole.


  6. There are a whole lot of good women and good men in St.Lucia.
    The question remains what are you looking for. As a born St.Lucian woman living aboard I found my knight and shinning armor right there in the good old USA.
    You see we lost track of each other for 35 years. But with some good searching we are back again.
    This man is all I was looking for a God fearing man. I rest my case. He is 100% Lucian the real deal. Women there is a different between love / sex. Sex comes in after all the kissing and so on u know what I mean. We still have good men out there just keep looking my dear.


  7. A lot a girls/women are TOO FAKE! Fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails...face muddy in d heat with makeup...they so fake you swear they were made in China...Yet, THEY WANT A REAL MAN!!


  8. Honestly I thinks St. Lucians on a whole think with their dicks and their vagina's. They misinterpret sex for love..the more sex the more love..Then suddenly ..their eyes turn to another new fish and jumps out the window.
    Even when they do meet someone they really love they find it hard separating the hearts from the crotch.


  9. In all cultures you find both good and bad partners so one should never judge until you get to know the person you're involved with


  10. There are many good St.Lucian men out there. Most of the women who say they can't find one are more often than not too picky, and whereas they have nothing much to bring to the table. A good man is not represented by his bank balance, how fair his skin is or how "handsome" he is. Some of us women so called standards/ requirements are unrealistic.Also, there are women with good men who don't appreciate them. I have a very good husband who is St.Lucian and lives here. And I know I've got a prize and appreciate him too. Rose, give the man a chance like Willie said


    • "Too Picky"

      Damn straight.
      If one don't have standards then any riff-raff will do.

      Men/Women keep being "Picky"