Applications open for gov’t bursaries for secondary and college students

Applications open for gov’t bursaries for secondary and college students

Parents of students who sat the 2014 Common Entrance examinations and have been assigned to a secondary school can now apply for government bursaries to attend secondary school, according to the Ministry of Education.

Applications will be accepted up until July 28, 2014.

Parents are guardians who wish to apply have been asked to report to the district education officers where their primary schools are located in order to obtain and complete application forms.

The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Labour’s $500 bursary application process is deemed essential as it provides the ministry with vital information to facilitate the payment process.

When parents report to fill out forms they are asked to present their child’s Common Entrance result slip and a valid identification card.

Meanwhile, applications are also open for government bursaries for students wishing to pursue studies at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College for the upcoming academic year.

These are only available for students who are 18 years and under, according to the Ministry of Education.

To qualify, applicants should have already been accepted into the St. Arthur Lewis Community College, be St. Lucian citizens and of low income households.

Parents should collect the forms at the Francis Compton Building at the Waterfront, Castries.

Completed forms must be submitted before July 31. When submitting these documents, parents or guardians should be accompanied by the student who wishes to be granted the bursary.

Apart from the bursary application form, parents are also required to fill out a financial need assessment form and statement of need form. A copy of the student’s birth certificate and certified copies of transcript if applicable, are also needed.

More information can be obtained by calling 468-5229.


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  1. Wow. IT is all these look good initiatives that public servants have to give up five per cent for. Why I it not an initiative to help only needy children. There are people who are better off than some civil servants who are getting this five hundred dollars. If it is belt-tightening why the whole country is not being ask to sacrifice the five hundred this year. And on top of that they are going to spend 11 millions on laptops this year. So public servants are being ask to pay for political initiatives


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