Applications are now open for the Twelfth Cohort of the Leadership Development Program

Applications are now open for the Twelfth Cohort of the Leadership Development Program

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – SLUDTERA would like to inform suitably qualified mid-level managers of the public service in St. Lucia and the Caribbean, from governments and organizations that applications are now open for the Twelfth Cohort of the Leadership Development Program.

The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) is the executing agency for the Project, while the Regional Project Office (RPO) is hosted by the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business and Management/University of the West Indies in Barbados. The Project will be collaborating with a number of regional learning institutions to deliver the various programs and activities.

Program Benefits

Participants will:

– Practice systemic, critical and adaptive thinking and practical, work-related behaviours– through classroom and virtual learning experiences, through reflection, through peer-coaching and through self-assessment and feedback.

– Acquire international and regional perspectives – through presentations by expert resource persons, readings, site-visits or work-related leadership projects.

– Bring practical learning to their teams/peers –by teaching their peers in the broader Public Service community (including the various institutions and organs of CARICOM and the OECS Commission), and by reporting back on their learning to other colleagues, senior leaders (Permanent Secretaries, CEO’s etc.), and staff.

– Develop a network of trusted colleagues – through full-cohort and small-group learning activities as well as through mentoring and on-going alumni events, participants will develop as a community of learners and leaders that can support one-another during and beyond the program.

– Demonstrate full commitment to their transformational journey – by identifying their Learning plan and participating in and attending all of the Program components and other organised meetings and activities.

The Country and Region will:

– Learn from participants’ experiences and professional growth – new strategies, new leadership competencies, new approaches to public service leadership, and service delivery;

– See direct impact – attention will be paid to addressing regional challenges in environment, governance, economic development, gender and diversity, human resource development, as well as fostering more systematic and sustainable approaches to leadership development for upcoming generations;

– Realize greater collaboration within and across countries: participants will be challenged to build strong relationships and networks as well as become role models by sharing their insights within the Public Service community of their country, and across the Region; and

– Develop sustainable strategies for continued excellence – Throughout the program, the LDP facilitators and project team will work with participants to apply their learning strategically and systemically, emphasizing practical ways to create an enabling environment for sustainable public service excellence as well as focusing on the continuous learning and development of themselves and their staff.


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