Antillia Brewing Company launches Sorrel Christmas Ale

Antillia Brewing Company launches Sorrel Christmas Ale

2015-12-15 11_31_24-Antillia Brews Sorrel Christmas Ale - - GmailPRESS RELEASE – St Lucia’s first and only craft brewery, Antillia Brewing Company, has launched a very special Christmas Seasonal Ale: “Sorrel & Spice Christmas Ale”, available now at the brewery in Rodney Bay.

The beer, whose beautiful red appearance reflects the careful use of locally harvested Sorrel in the process is also delicately flavoured with cinnamon, ginger and clove. “This Christmas seasonal ale was entirely the brainchild of our head brewer, Sidoine Ephraim, and it is absolutely fantastic,” said Andrew Hashey, President, Antillia Brewing Company.

“I asked Sid to work on a special Christmas beer that would represent the culture and traditions of St. Lucia, using all natural, local ingredients. The sorrel imparts a wonderful red hue and flavour that is balanced with a careful use of spices to produce an incredibly beautiful and refreshing beer.”

Antillia Brewing Company specializes in traditional, all natural ales. In addition to a lineup of traditional styles such as the Golden Ale, a wheat beer brewed for the Caribbean climate, Antillia brews a series of St Lucian Specialty beers using local, fresh agricultural products.

Antillia Brewing Company opened in February 2015, with a vision of putting St. Lucia on the craft brewing map. Antillia operates a brewery and tap room and serves their signature style ales by glass, 1L take away growler and keg formats.                                                    


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  1. would have loved to tru this xmas special ale ... unfortunately don't think I will be able to touch north this month. but Antillia Brewing is a nice place. have been there this past summer and tried the different types of beers. if these guys can continue creating these unique and tasty beverages...they will succeed.


  2. The woman in that pic looks really good.Love her eyes and the shape of her body...Just my type.(I wonder if she's taken,anybody knows?)


    • True,
      Gasson jus go dere and buy one glass at a time. Let each glass last one hour. If she eh notice you, come back the next day and do it again.


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