Antillia Brewing Company introduces environmental bottle initiative

Antillia Brewing Company introduces environmental bottle initiative

PRESS RELEASE – The Antillia Brewing Company Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its fresh ale “growler” program.

The brewery has worked with its North American manufacturer to produce one litre refillable bottles that are lightweight, attractive and refillable.

The bottles and bottling equipment will be arriving on island this week and will be available at the brewery and at select accounts across St. Lucia.

Antillia Brewing CEO Andrew Hashey commented: “The introduction of creative and unique packaging options is key to developing any new market, especially for small craft breweries. Growlers have proven to be cost effective way to get fresh ale from the brewery to home or accounts and a winning solution for consumers craving a take home package.”

“For St. Lucia we chose an option tailor made for direct to consumer retail and also unique and attractive for resorts, hotels, restaurants and bars that recognize that their clients are demanding quality craft beers. The lightweight PET bottle can go places that restrict glass and protects the beer very well”.

In keeping with industry practice Antillia will sell individual growlers at cost directly to consumers who are asked to return with their growlers washed and ready for refill.

This enables the brewery to eliminate repeat packaging costs that raise prices. The beer lover is only paying for ale, not packaging. The sense of ownership of growlers ensures they continue to be refilled and do not end up in a landfill after one use.

“We want to make a difference on the island as a good corporate citizen. We do not want to litter the streets and landfills with brewery packaging. These bottles are cheaper to transport across the island to accounts and they have unlimited refill potential. We are now looking at similar options for the kegs we will fill to meet demand to put our craft beers on tap at select accounts”, added Hashey.

The Antillia Brewing Company is located in Rodney Bay and is the only craft brewery in the region. Antillia specializes in brewing fine ales and stouts for the climate and tastes of St. Lucia. Antillia ales are served at the brewery’s taproom and at fine establishments across the island.


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  1. I likes the strategy employed seems like you guys will be successfull after all windward and leward brewery competition. I like the refill concept


  2. Great stuff. Thanks for doing this, I'm always lamenting the litter and plastic waste.

    If we could do something about all the other plastic bottles we use once and dump..


  3. Great beer. Been there and tried a few. The stout is the ideal drink. Spoke with the owner and loved his ideas for creating some new flavored beer.


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