Antigua: Jamaica’s most wanted to be deported

Antigua: Jamaica’s most wanted to be deported

(ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM) – Thirty-three year old Jamaican national Jermaine Gordon has been ordered deported from Antigua and Barbuda.

The magistrate’s court made the ruling Tuesday against Gordon who has been described as one of Jamaica’s 10 most wanted criminals. He is facing at least two murder charges in that country.

According to Police Gordon admitted to entering Antigua by boat illegally and has been residing here since 2013. He has no travel documents and was never processed by the Customs department.

Gordon appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday after he was captured by police last Friday. The court ordered that he leave the island on Thursday.



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    • About the same amount of St Lucian gangsters that resides in other countries. US, England, I am not even going to talk about Canada.


  1. .....and the Jamaican Police which a Al Jazeera Documentary once describe as the most lethal police force on the planet will be waiting for him on the airport with open arms and a big smile


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