Antigua: Hotel considers using “booms” to keep seaweed clear of beaches

Antigua: Hotel considers using “booms” to keep seaweed clear of beaches
Oil Containment Boom
Oil Containment Boom

(ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM) – The St. James’ Club is considering using booms to fight the sargassum seaweed invasion on its beaches.

The devices are similar to what experts use to contain oil spills.

The hotel hopes that the Sargassum, trapped behind the booms, can then be removed to a dumpsite readied on land to receive the smelly hydrogen-sulfide vegetation.

It was also proposed that the removed vegetation can be turned into fertilizer.

“Both the Government and the hotels are likely to purchase the harvesters and the barges required to remove the seaweed,” a Cabinet statement said.

The Cabinet Ministers also discussed the techniques that Martinique is reputedly exploring to control the flow of Sargassum; the Minister of the Environment will seek technical cooperation from the French West Indies territory.

Minister of the Environment will also meet with OECS officials on July 12, 2018, since the entire Caribbean archipelago is facing the Sargussum challenge.

The Cabinet also proposed to seek funding from the European Union following discussions between the Minister and the Ambassador from Italy.

Since the invasion of the Sargassum is likely to be annually, the Cabinet decided that the event will be treated like a hurricane where preparation, pre-planning and post-event evaluation will follow.

Significant sums are to be expended by the Government and the accommodation sector to address the challenge of this unwanted phenomenon.


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