Antigua gov’t won’t give deadline for Atlantic University School of Medicine to get accredited

Antigua gov’t won’t give deadline for Atlantic University School of Medicine to get accredited
Atlantic University School of Medicine was located here in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. It is now in Antigua.
Atlantic University School of Medicine was located here in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet. It is now in Antigua.

The government of Antigua & Barbuda has avoided giving a deadline by which it expects the Atlantic University School of Medicine (AUSM) to get accredited by the regional accreditation authority.

The absence of that accreditation was the reason the medical school felt it necessary to leave St Lucia and move to Antigua.

The school needs to be accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) and left St Lucia when the government there asked the school to get accredited by 2018.

At Thursday morning’s post-Cabinet press conference, Minister of Information Melford Nicholas would not give a date by which the government wants the school accredited.

However, the information minister said the government is committed to “working with” the school towards the institution becoming CAAM-HP accredited.

This morning the Member of parliament (MP) for All Saints East an St Luke Joanne Massiah said that sufficient diligence on the school was not done.

Nicholas said the St Lucia government was contacted about the moving school, though he did not specify when this contact was made.

The minister also believes the media is too quick to publicize the investor’s setbacks.

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  1. Most of what is in the report was already known and understood. However for ME the final paragraph is indicative of what transpired with LAMBIRDS Affair. What I understand is that too much competition in the market was addressed by unprovable allegations to the local authorities of the day who, being unconvinced, refused to act. That information was then leaked to persons who sought to make political mischief with it (witness the unprecedented search and disrespect of a sitting Minister's office by the Police); even to funding of a foreign "video-grapher" ostensibly to reveal to the world human traffic activites in Saint Lucia (has anyone seen a broadcast of that?).

    The first part of the article however reveals the following:-
    The lack of a political and legislative cohesiveness among the OECS will continue to reveal the vulnerabilities of this sub-region to investors both regional (Sandals in Antigua and St. Lucia), and international (China's String of Pearls in St. Lucia), leaving us squabbling amongst ourselves. These medical schools provide much to these States so why can't there be an OECS legislative framework within which they can exist?

    And please leave me out of your vulgar comments and jaundiced points of view. I am NOT interested in your colours, but in Saint Lucia.


  2. country of borbol Antigua will always take them. Some Antigua Govt minister probably got a payment under the table. We cannot ruin our reputation on unaccredited schools, Medical at that!


    • Antigua has half our population. Their murder rate is half ours. Their GDP per capita is double ours. We should let them run our country.


  3. Yourll st Lucian's are idiots you have a school that is not accredited parents who have wasted their money and the credits their children received from this school are useless nowhere recognises it, so let them go, they've given them enough time to get their act together


    • the school is accredited by usa and america. all rhe students started the school with the plan to go to usa or uk. It was only recently that America said all schools should get accredited in the country they are located at by jan 2018, hence the hurry. Since st lucia is wasting time antigua has given us accreditation there hence the move. We may not have CAAHP accreditation yet. But America accepts accreditation from Antigua. Why would a school uproot its self just to avoid getting a regional accreditation . When it has American and and UK accreditation which is obviously a more rigorous process. Pls get ur facts right!


  4. So what will happen to the building ? I hope it's put to good use, perhaps another school that would teach various trades. Not every one wants or can afford to be a lawyer or doctor. Give the young people hope and a trade for those who left school and could not afford to go on to higher education. St Lucia School of Management & Hospitality. St Lucia School of Agricultural Science, The Atlantic Culinary Institute. The Atlantic University of Trades and Civil Engineering plumbing, electrical, automotive, masonry lamo the possibilities are endless , but then again you have a government that don't care about poor people. Yu'll hear Trump say he don't want no more unskilled immigrants coming to his place.


  5. This stupid, incompetent and corrupt UWP govt don't realise we need the school more than the school needed us. Wtf they giving them a deadline for. Now so many people who depended on that school now are left in the cold. SMH.


    • You must be an idiot. That is another and more suitable name for a party hack. Accreditation shows that the institution has met acceptable standards and it is of good reputation. You should see this for what it is and not what you want it to be. Would you enroll in for unaccredited education?


      • The school has USA and UK accreditation. This is an offshore American school where all the students intend to go back to USA and not practice in ST lucia. USA rules now need local accreditation from 2018,hence the hurry to get it . If St Lucia wont give it and Antigua will, then off to Antigua. All credits are and have been valid in USA and UK. It may not be in st Lucia , but trust me students wont pay thousands of USA dollars to fly from USA and UK to come and practice medicine in ST lucia!


  6. That's a smart government. They're willing to work WITH the school instead of against it like our country did. If they manage to get established and everything in order, the country will benefit from all the good things that come with having a university on island. Too bad our island is too backward to get out of the crab in the bucket mentality long enough to work with people instead of against them.


    • Do your research before you come up in here trying to sound smart by talking a bunch of foolery please


      • I've done my research, I see you running around name calling and trying to insult people without leaving any constructive comments. You're just angry people are giving an opinion that isn't the same as yours. Grow up.


  7. You need to get rid of all. With them here we now have Muslims and Hindus and believe me we can do without those. Just sorry that renters will suffer a bit.


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