Anti-gay preacher prevented from boarding flight to Jamaica

Anti-gay preacher prevented from boarding flight to Jamaica

(JAMAICA GLEANER) – Anti-gay US preacher Steven Anderson said he was prevented from boarding a flight to Jamaica yesterday by airline officials in Atlanta who claimed the directive to deny him entry came from the Jamaican Government.

It was, in fact, the Jamaican Government that shut the door in his face. The only statement out of the Ministry of National Security yesterday, when questioned by The Gleaner, was: “The decision was made to deny him entry by the chief immigration officer because the pastor’s statements are not conducive to the current climate.”

Anderson was scheduled to land at the Norman Manley International Airport on a Delta Air Lines flight yesterday evening with his 14-year-old son to do missionary work in the island. His intended visit was primarily opposed by members of the gay community who contended that his messages were homophobic and condoned violence against an already marginalia group.

“I had a connecting flight in Atlanta, so as soon as I got to Atlanta, Delta Air Lines told me that they received a notification from Jamaica that I was not going to be allowed to enter,” said the pastor who heads the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Temple, Arizona.

“The flight attendant just said that I had a message waiting for me at customer service and the moment I got off the plane there was this man standing there, just right at the door waiting for me. He told me and left and I asked him if he had more information and he said he didn’t have any more information,” he told The Gleaner.

The pastor said that he was directed to speak to customer service representatives who confirmed that he would not be allowed on the connecting flight from Atlanta to Jamaica. He had travelled earlier from Arizona to Atlanta without incident.


“I was kind of surprised that Jamaica would ban me for my views on homosexuality,” anti-gay US preacher Steven Anderson said yesterday.

Anderson has already been banned from Canada, United Kingdom, Botswana, and South Africa. A petition was launched by Jamaican gay activist Jay John calling for the Government to ban him from entering Jamaica. The online petition had attracted more than 38,000 signatures up to yesterday on Change.Erg.

The controversial pastor is considered a hate preacher because of his comments on several issues, including the 2016 shooting of 49 people inside the Pulse gay nightclub in Orland, Florida.

He has also been accused of calling for the execution of gays by stoning, and has asserted that women should not work, lead in church or dress how they want.

Anderson said he was forced to make different travel arrangements after being prevented from boarding the flight to Jamaica.

“I am planning on just redirecting to a different Caribbean country and I am still going to go forward with my mission efforts this week, but I am just going to go to a different country,” he said.


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  1. hello if all these other countries dont want you then please dont come to the rest of the Caribbean especially Saint Lucia cause it appears you have a problem.

    now regardless of i am not supportive of these lgbt groups, as a pastor you cant be going around saying you should stone people to death. god dont like our sin and he preached about love and not hate. cause am seeing so many pastors preach against this so why arent they banned also? it has to be something very abnormal that you are saying thats why all these countries banned you from entering.


  2. Power of the bam bam. This practice is for high level folks in society son they will always finds ways to stop him.


  3. Is it only the chaste and the heterosexual who will inherit Gods kingdom? Will the prostitute and homosexual be denied entry to God's kingdom?

    Surely I say onto thee, love one another, for it is the greatest commandment. By this everyone will know that you are my children if you have love among yourselves.


    • Yes, only the Chaste will inherit the kingdom of God. A homosexual indulging in homo acts cannot get to heaven with his/her indulgence. The prostitute cannot enter into heaven while still living in her/his ungodly lifestyle.

      God does love all persons but he has given the guidelines to get to heaven . . . which is to repent of your sins and "Go and sin no more." This means giving up all that is not like Him (including homosexuality, prostitution, liars, thieves, adulturers, etc.).


  4. I'm happy he was stopped
    Jamaica has enough issues they don't need anymore
    But I hope black people r watching this very closely
    Look who is telling u what u should or should not Believe a white Christian is the preacher.
    Anyway good
    He is toxic
    Why could he not go there and preach about loving our brothers and sisters and stop shooting each other but no he wants to go and preach hate
    Wake up people x


  5. They should extend such a ban to that idiot Haitian who wrote that heap of nonsense about our Nobel Laureate. Keep such foolish agitators out.

    This man may well be part of the KKK and white supremacists in the very dangerously toxic atmosphere, now spreading in the US.


    • Was The Haitian wrong ? If he was wrong prove it. Better yet let his beloved admires prove it for you, but good luck with that. Facts are facts you can deny them, but you can't get rid of them.


    • The shame of it !! The powers of the non procreators that roam the earth. We all know Jamaican People didn't ban him THEY INVITED HIM that's why he was going by invitation. Uncle Sam did some arm twisting and that's all she wrote. No need to go to Jamaica to preach pastor where the latest poll there shows that 78 percent believes in what you speak. Nuff Fire Pon Battyman Every Time.


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