Anti-gang Bill to be debated in House of Assembly

Anti-gang Bill to be debated in House of Assembly

The Anti-gang Bill, which was previously circulated and publicized in April 2013, will be reintroduced to the House of Assembly when it meets on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

The Bill will be introduced for its first reading.

This Bill forms part of the government of Saint Lucia’s response to the troubling crime situation and seeks to prohibit gangs and gang related activity.

The prime minister and minister for finance will also seek authorization from the House to borrow by means of advances, sums not exceeding $35 million from commercial banks. This particular resolution is the usual request to the House to renew the overdraft facilities of the government of Saint Lucia.

At tomorrow’s sitting, members from the Lower House will also consider for first reading, amendments to the Architects Registration Act, the Money Laundering (Prevention) Act, the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, the Insurance Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The sitting of the House of Assembly commences at 10 a.m. and will be carried live on the National Television Network (NTN).


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  1. In light of the ANTI GANG BILL TO BE DEBATED IN THE HOUSE on Tuesday, August 27, 2013, The LPM would like to draw the public attention to a release dated Wednesday, October 24th, 2012.

    St. Lucia minister commended for admitting increase in criminal activity


  2. The 2 Biggest Gangs are Government and Law Enforcement, the way i see it if these 2 were doing their work the right and non-corrupt way, the issue of gang violence would be minimal to almost non existent, There is always a bill passed for after the fact, never to prevent it, we have a reactive instead of a proactive Government, both yellow and red, They work for the same team and that is "Government".


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