Anthony steps down as SLP leader

Anthony steps down as SLP leader
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has announced plans to step down as the political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) following defeat in this year’s general election.

“I do not intend to serve as the Leader of the Opposition and indeed, Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I will, however, continue to serve my constituents of Vieux-Fort South and support my other Parliamentary colleagues in their various constituencies as they seek to protect the interests of their constituents,” he said.

Anthony and his party conceded defeat and sent congratulatory message to Prime Minister -elect Allen Chastanet and the United Workers Party (UWP) for the resounding victory at the polls.

“On behalf of the SLP and also on my personal behalf, I congratulate Mr. Allen Chastanet, Leader of the United Workers Party on his victory at the polls today, June 6, 2016,” Dr. Anthony said in a Facebook post.

The former University of the West Indies law lecture said on all accounts, it was a convincing victory, and it is clear there was a major national swing against the SLP.

“I wish the people of Saint Lucia the very best as we embark on this new journey. I am deeply grateful for the honour of serving the people of Saint Lucia as Prime Minister for nearly three terms,” he added.

He also thanked the people of Vieux-Fort South for electing him as their MP for the fifth time.


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  1. Finally.... the stench of your arrogance and self proclaimed superiority and godship and fallen.The masses you claimed are inferior has dictated that your (slp) nepotism and elitistism must end. In one day it came crashing to a grinding halt!
    Lesson to be learnt for the likes of you....never forget it is the majority who has the power to make change.
    Now go hide under the nearest rock.


  2. Kenny you remained too long , it was obvious you had become unpopular and part of the problem. You knew that but the thirst of power and the misplaced adulation from your physcophant fan club kept you in position.
    You and your government completely lost touch with core Labour voters, you would not listen when we said that we were suffering, instead you would tell us no you are not you only think you are. One of your senior Ministers told us you can eat on $5 a day is one example of how out of touch you all were.
    NICE STEP you tried to sell this short term employment as a panacea to our employment need and moreover you conveyed that we should be grateful.
    The worse indictment is that your government and its party became arrogant,and uncaring and for that you were rejected by the people.
    Leo Clarke, Claudius Francis, Larcorb, Philip Pierre your arrogance was a significant contributor in the demise of the party.


  3. That is Kenny at his best. The electorial commission had not released the results of most of the seats when he announced to the nation that he would not function as leader of the opposition or continue to serve in his capacity as party leader. What a slap in the face of the thousands of supporters of the party. He could have waited to have a meeting with his team and allow them to at least appoint an interim leader, then make that announcement, but again that's the arrogance of Kenny.
    Sad too that it is only after the humilitation at the polls and his announcement that SLP supporters can now talk and blame him for the defeat on so many grounds.


  4. Kenny SLP lost was not by accident, it was not because there was a major national swing against the SLP the swing was against you. The people were fed up with you, and you should have seen it coming, and should have made your exit in grand style but you chose to exit in shame. You took us for granted, imagine coming on National T.V on the eve of elections with an address to the nation, but instead you continued to campaign for your party, was that necessary? I guess this got the viewers even more annoyed, it meant that you had the last say to the voters, I do not believe this went down well, you did more harm than good and so they went out to vote with a vengeance just to get you off their backs once and for all


  5. I thought it was very distasteful to congratulate our new Prime Minister via
    face book. That is the disrespect and arrogance of Kenny. When you Kenny
    see a St. Lucian from now on you "must" respect us.


    • What do crude country bucks know about protocol? Do you think that they know anything?


    • I agree Kenny desrespected the people of St. Lucia and our new Prime Minister in the manner he pretended to congratulate The United Workers Party


  6. This was always going to be the man's last term regardless if he won.

    Stop with the bullshit.


  7. It is a sad day indeed for the SLP. However, I think it is patently unfair to place all the blame for the party's dismal performance at the polls on the shoulders of former Prime Minister Kenny Anthony. I think the bunch of swell and empty headed morons he surrounded himself with are equally to be blamed. That's what happens when politicians become too arrogant and swell headed.


  8. Now st Lucian got what they wanted now I coming for what I need I want to go shopping in the US that was a promise we get to go to the us with no visa


    • Yes, she is a patient at the new General Hospital. PM Chastenet had to open the hospital late Monday night after the results of the elections since there were so many labour casualties, and VH could not accomodate them all.


  9. My heart aches ????!!... But am still hoping and praying for the best for my fellow St Lucians!! I love my island to the bone!! It's all in the hands of God now!! PEACE!!


  10. You should have done that long time But awa you could not let go Good riddance to you. I hope your successor is not as arrogant as you I hope your successor does not do like you with your inner circle of benefactors


  11. It was about time. The people don't need you and even when you were there you didn't do anything for them.


  12. LaCobbs cost you this election.
    Ernest cost you this election.
    St.Jude cost you this election.
    You pushed us away from you.
    UWP did not win, YOU lost!!!


  13. You also need to do the honorable thing and step down as the District Representative for Vieux Fort South. We know we won't get the Administrative Building you promised. So do us a favor and move aside gracefully.


    • You are as gullible as a fish being fed a worm. You at that stage still fell for that? You are one hell of an idiot.


  14. You don't have a choice. You Can't take the Shame.

    You had no regard for the people of St Lucia and it was time that UWP end this Misery you put them in.