Anse La Raye/Canaries MP may not seek re-election

Anse La Raye/Canaries MP may not seek re-election
Dr. Desmond Long
Dr. Desmond Long
Dr. Desmond Long

A second Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Member of Parliament (MP) may be bowing out of elective politics, according to recent media reports.

Information suggests that the Anse La Raye/Canaries MP and calypsonian Dr. Desmond Long; alias ‘The Mighty Pep” will not be seeking re-election in the upcoming general elections.

He may be joining Castries South MP and Education Minister Dr. Robert Lewis, who recently announced that he will not be contesting the next elections and have also decided to bow out of elective politics.

Reports are that Dr. Long has not attended the last three meetings held by his constituency branch and efforts to confirm whether he will contest the next election has proven futile.

In light of this, four persons have expressed an interest in contesting the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat on behalf of the ruling SLP at the next general elections.

The four persons include: Cyprian Yarde, Wayne Gaillard, Andrina Prospere and Leozandrae De Leon.

The SLP was heavily criticized in 2011 for not appointing Dr. Long as the health minister, but instead placing him as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.


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  1. It was time to pack your bags and go as it was longgg overdue. The message was very clear. From the time Kenny didn't give you a Ministry ,you completely turn your back on the people in the constituency of Anse La Raye /Canaries . Your own colleagues has totally disrespected you while NO assistance never given to you to develop your constituency . However , All the best in the future as you continue your medical practise and singing Calypso .


  2. cannot blame pep for no performance...kda is the idiot to put the community in that manner...u shattered the hopes of the people...u tricked them...u made them believe they would grow under pep...but the same way pep found thats the same way is leaving them...give the ppl what they want and not what u want


  3. Well well well! Let's see , I know you are feeling the labour pain that we are feeling. Bow out with your dignity and bring it to us in song. I'll be in the front row waiting. You can name it "labour pain" it's ok we can take it. But please tell us the truth in SONG.


  4. D PM getting a dose of PEPtobismol for d verbal diarohhea! Go back to Calypso where you will reign again and don't ever go back to politics! Pep in politics is like getting a Basic NA in CXC, worthless!


  5. It is not that Pep will not seek re-election he was dumped , He was a nonentity in de party. Pep should think seriously of joining a calypso tent and start writing his calypso for Carnival 2016. I remember a song of his saying farewell to calypso, but nothing wrong in going back. I can also remember a line in his calypso 11 yellow bottles standing on a wall, crash another one fall, Well now he did not fall but was dumped. Pep you were my calypso king so please sing a calypso about your experience in the slp camp for carnival 2016


  6. Never in the history of this Nation have a sitting Party with a majority
    have had so many defections, just months before general elections.
    Is that a sign of non confidence in their own Party, or the Prime Minister?


  7. Seriously, he was a Minister of Parliament..... On paper maybe. Was he sleeping all these years as i never heard a peep from him. Maybe it is better he does not contest and give it to somebody else that can really help the people of the nation! Laterz for Pep!


  8. SLP - Sell Lucia Program......Well Mr.Long....Its been Longgg enough for you...So you better put some PEP in your STEP....If you know what I mean....LOL


  9. This is a rather announcement. Pep was bootted out years ago. Anyway Domenic Fedee will make French fries of any of these four.


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