Anse La Raye seafood festival reopens this Friday

Anse La Raye seafood festival reopens this Friday

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) and the Ministry of Tourism have collaborated to enhance the offering of the Anse La Raye seafood festival.

A six-week training course of 15 vendors and 30 vendors’ assistants in culinary creativity and food presentation is underway.

At the start of week four, the 45 trainees were given the opportunity to demonstrate their newly-acquired culinary skills at the site of the seafood festival.

Following the Lenten season, the festival will get underway on Friday, April 26, where the general public will have the opportunity to experience a burst of flavors.


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  1. Who would be dumb enough to drive to this craphole for a meal ? I don't care how many trainig courses they took. Yuck.


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