Anse La Raye Fish Fri relaunched

Anse La Raye Fish Fri relaunched

(PRESS RELEASE) – The village of Anse La Raye will come alive on Dec. 1 with the relaunch of the popular Fish Friday. A festive atmosphere awaits, where guests will be welcomed with true Saint Lucian hospitality.

Dancing the night away is a priority, and sampling the mouth-watering assortments of seafood and other treats fresh off the grill, is a must.

The village of Anse-la-Raye, located on Saint Lucia’s west coast, just south of Castries, offers the ultimate Friday experience with its “Fish Fri.” A seductive fishing village, Anse-la-Raye offers its bounty to all visitors, every Friday night. Whether you crave the catch of the day or desire a delightful delicacy such as squid, octopus, shrimp or lobster, your tastes are sure to be satisfied.

The festivities continue on Dec. 7 and 14 with an even tastier treat in celebration of the 2017 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. The event titled “ARC Thursdays” will treat our seafaring guests to an explosion of delectable seafood and distinctly Saint Lucian entertainment. Last year’s participants were filled with awe for one of the island’s best known street parties.

The Thursday edition of the Anse La Raye Fish Fri comes complete with the usual enticements, complemented by a varied offering of crafts, and hours of musical enjoyment. The highly anticipated event seeks to expose participants to all that Saint Lucia has to offer and to bring economic benefits to as many persons as possible.

Organizers are now gearing up for this December’s sequel where visitors and locals alike will rendezvous for a memorable occasion. The excitement begins at 6 p.m. on Dec. 1, 7 and 14.


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  1. Ummmmmm how sustainable is this? I really don't think Anse La Raye will be able to compete with Gros Islet. Castries-Gros Islet is the most populated area on Island and most people work there making Gros Islet Fish festival more accessible. Not to mention the Gros Islet bus system is 20 years ahead of Anse la Raye in terms of reliability.

    Fish Fri was originally Anse La Raye's idea, but the north has stolen its thunder due to convenience.

    This will just die out like the first one. Fede should know better or is he out of ideas? Give me a job ill show you how it's done.


  2. I think the vendors should also adjust their prices in line with this relaunch. I've stayed away from this activity for the past couple of years because the prices were bordering on ridiculous, compared to the more reasonable offerings at Dennery.


    • Anse la raye does just make endless noise!...women screaming all night...full of empty sucks!


      • Its people like you that sit back and criticize, and try to bring those trying to make a difference down. If you know the village of Anse-La-Raye, you will know that its not all about scandal, but good nature people who are welcoming and willing to give you their last meal to make you at home. All you people see is the poverty, but don't realize its small minded critics like you that the keep the community behind. We have prided ourselves with some of the greatest musicians and singers on this island.Get to know the village for what it has to offer and not what you think it is with you sitting the high and mighty throne you think you are on.
        So bye to small minded people.


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