Anse Ger woman charged with killing ‘Pestro’ at karaoke

Anse Ger woman charged with killing ‘Pestro’ at karaoke
Janice Camille (left) has been charged with killing Lance Camille, aka Pestro
Janice Smith (left) has been charged with killing Lance Camille, aka Pestro

(SNO) — Police have formally charged the female suspect in the fatal stabbing of a man in the community of Anse Ger, located in Desruisseaux, Quarter of Micoud.

Police said Janice Smith, 34, was on Saturday charged with murder in connection with the death of 33-year-old Lance Camille, also known as ‘Pestro’. Both are residents of Anse Ger, Desruisseaux.

It is alleged that Camille was stabbed during an altercation at a karaoke event, around 2:30 a.m., on Wednesday, April 17, 2019.

It is not clear if the deceased and the accused had a relationship and what led to the stabbing.

The woman is expected to appear in court for the first time next Tuesday.




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  1. Point is a life was for ur crime simple.. it was one stabbed wombed thought. If he killed her we all would say send him to prison. U commit the crime do ur time...simple


  2. St lucian law fix up we all know the young lady was fighting for her life. The man was trying to kill her, please go and arrest real criminals.


  3. Do not worry Janice you will be out soon your bail will only be $2,500.00. You know the system is a joke home right? So hang in there. St.Lucia simply lawlessness. How you all charge her already and Kimberly's killer is still out there 4ing around? Shame on you all slackers.


  4. Why was she charged with 'murder' if it was self defence? Self defence is not taken into consideration by the police when placing these charges?


    • Lol. How can there be a defence without a charge? The way the law works is simple: There is evidence you committed a crime, you are charged. It is up to you to defend yourself in court.
      If the state proves beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the murder. You have to show you did so in self defence if you wish to rely on it. Self defence is an admission that you have committed the crime of murder, but a plea that your actions were justified, and that you did not use more force than was necessary to defend yourself.

      It is not automatic. A life was lost. Let the police do their jobs and her lawyers will do theirs.


      • Ummmm... I think it's up to the courts to prove without a reasonable doubt that it was murder.which is why the correct charges should be given to avoid guilty people walking .....don't have time to walk you through the entire thing


      • Usually the case has to past a test by the DPP based on the evidence. If the DPP considers that there is enough evidence to secure a conviction the case moves along. If the DPP isn't sure then that is an indication that the person has to be charged and put before a jury for them to decide. If from the onset there is clear evidence of self defense it must outweigh the evidence to the contrary, thus making the DPP more likely to discontinue. Cases are decided on evidence and not on what people think. We may think that it is self defense, however there may be no evidence to prove that.


      • The point is that the circumstances surrounding the incident have to be taken into consideration before laying a charge.

        The police would have taken statements from witnesses etc. and have to place a charge which they think is best suited when everything is taken into consideration.

        The charge has to be commensurate with the circumstances surrounding what happened. Which is why there are different charges when a homicide is committed, not just murder.


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