Anse de Sable, Vieux-Fort to be developed

Anse de Sable, Vieux-Fort to be developed
Vieux Fort Bay and Anse des Sables. Photo credit: John Bissett/Facebook
Vieux Fort Bay and Anse des Sables. Photo credit: John Bissett/Facebook

(PRESS RELEASE) – Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) is in the process of developing a master plan for the Anse de Sable area in Vieux-Fort, as part of the overall redevelopment plan for the southern town.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roderick Cherry remarked, “Invest Saint Lucia owns a large portion of land in Vieux-Fort and it has always been the Corporation’s goal to enhance the area. From as far back as 2001, we had envisioned a mixed-use development for Anse de Sable.”

Mr. Cherry continued, “Thus, the proposed redevelopment for Vieux-Fort, featuring the Hewanorra International Airport redesign and plans for home-porting at the Seaport, made this opportune for a renewal of the Corporation’s plans.”

Anse des Sables beach in Vieux Fort. Photo credit: John Bissett/Facebook

Following an international bidding process, Invest Saint Lucia approached the team of experts at renowned architectural firm OBM International (OBMI), to discuss the scope of the proposed master plan for Anse de Sable.

“OBMI’s expertise in designing successful destinations across the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East gives us complete confidence in the firm’s ability to execute a vision for Anse de Sable that promotes sustainable tourism enterprise and increases the opportunities for investment activities,” remarked Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Kulig.

OBMI representatives were on island in December 2018, holding consultations with ISL and other key stakeholders such as the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and the Air and Seaports Authority (SLASPA).

Cherry confirmed that OBMI was indeed the right firm for the project based on extensive research conducted by the Corporation. He stated that Anse de Sable and the surrounding communities in Vieux-Fort will stand to benefit substantially from the proposed mixed-use development plan. Thus, as this project progresses, ISL will ensure transparency, hosting consultations with residents and interested parties.

“We envision an enhanced community that will encompass schools, health care facilities, retail, entertainment centers, as well as a host of other community-benefiting amenities. The idea is to have this master plan designed and use this proposal to seek out investors – both local and foreign – to capitalize on the available opportunities presented by this master plan.”

Cherry said that the architectural design for the master plan for Anse de Sable may be available as early as the first half of 2019, at which time investors will be invited to participate in the implementation of the physical structures for the area.

According to OBMI, it has managed to overcome challenges by “developing a proactive, nimble approach to problem-solving and is now leveraging those acquired skills to their clients’ advantage, presenting inspired solutions with flexible adaptability.”


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  1. Why allow a beautiful piece of heaven go waste all these years, only for TOLULU and ZAGAYA
    to enjoy, while the majority of folks from the south go to the north to look for work. Build the
    damn place up and don't waste another minute about it. Let's make it look like LAS VAGAS South.


  2. I hope it's not dejavu all over again and they don't insult st Lucians like they did with DHS by giving foreigners our lands and beaches for next to nothing we can't be that stupid twice in a row. They will always butter our bread right now by using terms like "it will benifit locals" "locals will have access" these are the "codes" to look for that will tell you that when finish it will be the total opposite you are not allowed or you have restrictions make no mistake about it THE BEACH IS MINE


  3. Can ISL please get rid of that ghetto kenny allowed these shanytown people to build and fast that is most dangerous place in st Lucia.
    Bulldoze them out that's prime property right there.


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