‘Another Concerned Citizen’ calls out ‘Concerned citizen’ over tinted-vehicle “nonsense”

‘Another Concerned Citizen’ calls out ‘Concerned citizen’ over tinted-vehicle “nonsense”

Dear Editor: I write in commentary response to a previous letter to you captioned: “Saint Lucia authorities asked to crack down on heavily tinted vehicles to fight crime (letter)” written by the well-known commentator “Concerned citizen.”

Concerned about crimes, Mr./Ms./Mrs. Citizen, in their careful reasoning, has solved the problem by carefully identifying the correlation between crime and tinted windows. (*Sarcasm – citizen didn’t do any of that)

Citizen has expertly concluded that with these heavily tinted windows on vehicles, we find ourselves unable to identify the “most wanted man” who may be occupying them. Citizen is absolutely correct. The most wanted man may be driving right next to you right now (hopefully not while you are driving and reading this at the same time) and you won’t even know it’s him. Imagine that!? Citizen shared what he/she personally thought and that is to be respected. However, I personally think that Citizen’s personal thoughts on this should be considered carefully before it is incorporated into any major crime prevention plan.

Between the scourge of the single mothers who are having children with different men (following in the footsteps on their mothers and grandmothers) and this new shocking revelation by Citizen, we need to realize that it’s high time that we STOP SUGGESTING RANDOM NONSENSE as it relates to crime. I will admit that somewhere, at some point, a tinted window may have added a layer of resistance to proper criminal policing, but let’s not lie to ourselves and think that addressing it that way will be any more effective than trying to police procreation rates in young woman in a Saint Lucia which already has a steady decline in birth rates, though crime seems to be getting worse (imagine that!!!)

I respectfully request that Citizen returns to the drawing board and comes back with some key revelations, and not the brief ramblings of someone who probably doesn’t appreciate that in “England,” the temperature on average is less than 19 degrees celsius, whereas on “our beautiful paradise island” we are now touching mid to high 30’s as part of the upcoming “Hot Summer Days” annual-climate offering. Not sure what that has to do with tinted windows? EXACTLY!

— Another Concerned Citizen


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  1. St.lucian is ass they could be 4 kills i a car driving every wear dark tint . The goverment need to check on that


  2. The biggest and most dangerous criminals driving with heavily tinted windows are some of our current litter of ministers!


  3. The person with the original letter has a legitimate concern. If the vehicles are so heavily tinted that persons (even law enforcement) can't even see how many people are in the vehicle, much less what they're doing, that is a security issue. If there is no legislation here on the degree of tint, there should be. If there is legislation on that, the legislation should be enforced. The US (at least some states) do have legislation on the degree of tint and persons get pulled over for violations. We just do what the heck we want here.


  4. You were good until the part about the declining birth rate. remember the PM's statement wasn't made with reference to population growth so it would be wrong to assume that a pattern of criminality (which was the PM's emphasis) would correlate to population increase/decrease (where you emphasized irony).


  5. In my opinion having a tinted vehicle should not be a problem. Tinting your vehicle will help with the extreme heat, making it much tolerable due to having extreme heat on certain days…Now on the other hand the level of darkness should be a concern, for example it makes it much difficult to find a wanted person, non-license drivers and the list goes on etc. I feel if a vehicle owner must have tint on their vehicle, there should be a degree or level of darkness. For example, having a 27% for the back of the vehicle with sides at 27% max 30%. Our society is changing fast and we need to have a form or level of doing the whatever I feel. So yes, I am all in for tinted vehicles, but having a level on how dark the tints are should be the concern. This is my opinion. God speed, thx


  6. Hahahaha, good laugh this morning. I suggest that citizen return to the drawing board and do not return actually.

    What happens at night when it's dark out? Should we drive around with lights inside our vehicles? It's this type of reckless rhetoric that's caused the oppression of black people the world over.

    Stop making excuses for your failed governments. Statistics prove that there is a direct correlation between crime and unemployment. People with nothing to do tend to find something to do. So hold your governments accountable and stop publishing nonsense in the papers.


  7. Let’s worry about those headlights that blinding drivers to the point that u just have to stop ur vehicle and allow the culprit to pass cuz u ain’t seeing shit. That tint shit eh making sense. So even if they’re not tinted the police will actually lift their lazy asses to look for anyone?


  8. No one can dispute the fact that darkness will hamper the detection of anything or person, including criminals in a vehicle, the same way tinted windows will. Since when have we become so accustomed to AC ? Tinted windows are more likely to cause the lost of life through criminal activity, than a little more light coming into a vehicle. None of my vehicles have AC and I also have nothing to hide.


  9. I am getting tired of you'll out of touch commentators, if you have a problem with my tint well don't look at F___king vehicle. When the legislators get there fat asses up and change the law then , i will oblige. So why you don't ask CID or PM's ride to remove theirs. No wonder some lucians eyes going bad you"ll mofo drive around in non tinted vehicles catching all them UV rays . good luck JIM COCO SNOW......


  10. nonsense people business yall want to see inside their vehicles. its not vehicle tint that making people do crimes the police them self with their personal vehicles are heavily tinted and what makes it worst they dont want us to tint our windscreen but theirs well tinted from top to bottom. i can understand you a police but the law is for everyone even those enforcing it


  11. Concerned citizen you sound surreal; must be in a dream world. I can't for see the correlation.People are committing their brazin crimes and attacks broad day light and unmasked.Most person's with tinted vehicles are law abiding citizens. How often do you hear that a tinted vehicle/s, was used in the commissioning of those crimes.The harsh reality is that the would be Criminals are very brave and will do their crimes openly. So in my humble view tinted vehicles isn't the problem. Those individuals with criminals minds and intentions are just fearless.


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