Another accident on Vide Boutielle Highway

Another accident on Vide Boutielle Highway

19727108_10209659648080232_451456219_oAnother motor vehicle accident has just occurred on the Vide Boutielle Highway, according to reports reaching our newsroom.

A minibus reportedly crashed into a utility pole, near Cox & Company Ltd.

Emergency officials received the report at 8:03  a.m.

The driver, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, sustained minor injuries and was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital.

No further details are available.

This is the second reported accident on the Vide Boutielle Highway this morning. (SEE REPORT on first accident)

Around 1:30 a.m., a minibus with casino workers overturned near the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.

All 10 persons onboard were transported to hospital via ambulnce.



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  1. Too many accidents on the Highway. And since the accidents this week, still not a Police vehicle in sight patrolling. Yes, some of the bus drivers do drive on the right side of the four-lane road, which is bizarre, since they are expected to stop at most bus stops. Even if the Police is unable to patrol the whole Cas-GIslet Highway, they should target little treacherous sections like Choc-Vide Bouteille section where it is a bit tight to keep careless & reckless.drivers in check.


  2. As. St.Lucians we behaving as a group of people in our own world. And don't care about other people vibes. A truck cause the driver to crash into the pole, the truck driver slowed down, he realize he did't knock the mini bus, he fled the scene, but the truth he cause the accident. It's not a question of this one driving bad or recklessly. We don't give a hell about the next driver or pedestrian on our roads. If I have to point a finger I will start with the police. Yes they cannot be everywhere, but their presence will help a great deal. I am piss of faith the mini bus drivers, they are supposed to drive in the left lane at all time, they don't and the police should be checking up in that. All bus stop are on the left, but yet they drive in the right lane, only to swing left Dudley when they see passengers standing at the bus stand. These are the things and more we ned to discus and not the letter F word.


    • The point about mini buses driving on the inner lane is a valid one. There are no bus stops along that lane. Also, someone , in another post, made the point that slow and tentative driving can cause accidents. This is true. Furthermore, we have some "goody, goody" drivers who feel that they can stop at anytime, anywhere, to allow people to cross the road, without giving the vehicle behind them adequate notice of their intention to stop. Sometimes, you see a vehicle immediately ahead of you slow down and pull to the left. You think that the driver is about to make a temporary stop, so you veer to his or her right in order to overtake, only, just in time, to realise that he or she stopped to allow someone to cross in front of his or her vehicle. Finally, if you are driving to Gros Islet and you are in the outer lane opposite Mega Massy and about to enter that roundabout, you may be surprised to see the vehicle immediately of you stop, as if it were at a major road, because the driver sees a vehicle in the inner lane heading north. But, folks, if a driver is I. That inner lane going north, just like the driver in the outer lane, there is no need for the outer lane driver to stop, because the inner lane driver can run parallel with the outer lane vehicle , right across the Choc Bridge, u Til the two vehicles prepare to enter the single lane just before the St. James Club, then one must yield quickly to the other.. If the inner land driver, while still in the roundabout, shifts to the outer lane, the question to be asked is:Where are you going? If the answer is: I am going to Gros Islet, then the further question must be :So why can't you stay in the inner lane, doesn't it take you to Gros Islet ? I am sorry that I took so long, but I wanted to make these observations, and would appreciate a response from a traffic officer. Thanks.


  3. It doesn't matter who are the worst drivers on the road. We all share different opinions on the matter due to our encounters and experience on the road. Right now it's all about playing our part as drivers ourselves and as ppedestrians. There is no need to be speeding and rushing. When you are late it means that you are already late. It is impossible to make that time. And I think that the law should be enforced. There is a speed limit on the roads.... its time the mentality of of speed drive as fast as you can handle be stop. We should have respect for the road and people lives and our own


    • Speed is always the issue for you people...we have so many drivers holding back traffic...driving slow in both lanes...with the amount of vehicles we have in this country the traffic needs to move a bit quicker....alot of st.lucians drive laid back...just gazing away while driving extra slow...and switching lanes and coming out of gaps without looking...these things cause more accidents...negligence n being laid back and not alert...that is the main issue not SPEED...


  4. Bus drivers are the worst drivers on the road, not taxi, bus, they do not respect their passengers ,. Plain and simple .When they drive the foreigner , it is a different type of driving,.


    • So true when they transport guest you swear is eggs. But Is before they pick up the guest and after they drop them off you should see dem taxi drivers. Especially after they drop them off and have money in their hand, they making jet on the road to make their deposit in the hairy bank.


  5. We know, dear brothers and sisters, that God loves you and has chosen you to be his own people.

    – 1 Thessalonians 1: 4


  6. The Road never finish,stop playing Russian Roulette with youll live,rushing to make a few dollars and trying to kill you'll self in the process.The money will stay their and someone else will get it.Stop the flossing take time,inhale for 5 seconds my people,rhen exhale.Slow down on the Roads.Tomorrow is another day.Dead men cannot make monies.Happy no one died


  7. Problem I impatient drivers thinking of their destination instead of thinking of their surroundings and the safety of road users and the traffic . Everyone who neglects driving safety should go under on another test. And drivers should be driving for at least 3 three years before they can drive a passenger vehicle. There is so many unexperience drivers out there who trying to impress their friends is unpresendented. All police when they stop theses drivers they should ask how long they been driving or when did they pass their test.


  8. We all live in a world thinking all I good and while and know one notice that for some reason is mostly on Tuesday's all deaths and accidents happen sad to say


    • I did not grasp a word of your superstition. You need also to brush up on your sentence structure and arrangement before writing these comments " for the world at large".


      • You would only comment on it because you know all about it the number of persons writing Greek on this page you never comment so why now ha ha ha


      • Are you the critic of that site "Vitalis"
        Just make your point/contribution and shut up please.


      • It has everything to do with it the good thing is I know you one of the so call business men ,women shutting down the consciousness of us little people who has to eat in the garbage to live a next day look people loosing they jobs today go help dem and stop bullshitting


  9. Drivers may be impatient and sometimes reckless, however I have long believed that the so-called 4 lane, ill-conceived death trap is a greater hazard than the drivers themselves. Even the man who built it confirmed it in a speech delivered at the opening of the Courts Mega Store, that it was part of the lack of vision on the part of leaders (he was referring to himself). Stupid People!


    • Blame the "human with a brain", rather than inanimate objects which are designed by the "human with the brain". Would you blame your iron if you got burnt by your own stupidity?


    • No. Four-lane is an excellent traffic-flow device; six-lane even. But the problem is that the areas between Castries & Gros Islet where it plies is too tight: cum-residential, cum-school, cum-commercial, cum-cycling, cum-pedestrian. It is too tight. I would say the best way to keep it workable without the daily danger of these accidents should be HUGE SIGNS to alert drivers in the more treacherous stretches and enforceable SPEED LIMITS. We have huge roads which says, "Drive!"; and no signs to say, "Slow down!". Thus drivers are also easily tempted to bend and twist the Highway Code because there is no one to enforce it (no patrols!) while the drive.


      • Aa so u need a sign to tell u slow down. No wonder we making so many accidents. Isn't the speed limit for the 4 lanes posted? SMH. So many thousands of vehicles passed that same road yesterday and did not make any accident so how can the problem be the road. Obviously it's the driver. Put the phones away and drive within the posted speed limit.


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