Anonymous person from St. Lucia returns 200-y-o bank note stolen decades ago from museum

By Metro UK

ad_237636093METRO (UK) – Museum staff were shocked after they received a mysterious letter from the Caribbean that contained a 200-year-old bank that had been stolen from them in the 1980s.

The £1 note from Padstow Bank had been stuffed into a white envelope and sent to Padstow Museum, in Cornwall.

‘I was very surprised. When I saw the envelope and the postmark I first thought, “who is writing to me from St Lucia?”, said the museum’s curator John Buckingham.


After checking his records he discovered the note had been pinched from the museum in June 1984.

Mr Buckingham doesn’t know who returned the note because there was no information attached.


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  1. All that said that the person mailed it while in St Lucia are smart people it's the first thing that came to my mind .........some tourist did it to make us look bad

  2. 200 years ago! How much does it worth now?

  3. de ban voler that you stealing smdh

  4. Nice of them to return it

  5. OK guys... I admit it. It was me. I found it on the museum floor so long ago, and placed it in the folds of my bible; forgetting it there until I recently decided to give my life to Christ. Upon opening the holy book to Revelations, I realized the presence of the note. I decided to do the right thing. God bless the queen. God bless our Padstow museum.

  6. One of dem CIP fellas.

  7. Damn Proud Lucian

    Awa not a Lucian. Persons from the cruise ships post mail from here all the time. You'll own people that do that.

  8. You' ll feel the obeah playing ......

  9. maybe them conscience was bothering them?

    • It could be anyone on those cruise ships passing through St. Lucia or some one from any other county who just happens to mail the document while in St. Lucia.. The person does not necessarily have to be from St. Lucia.......


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