Angels of the West Indies introduces Biofeedback health scan

Angels of the West Indies introduces Biofeedback health scan

PRESS RELEASE – St. Lucia’s very own Angels of the West Indies introduces the Biofeedback Health Scan that aids in early detection of Memory Impairment and other well known Leading health issues.

The analyzer’s hand held device will collect the human cell’s weak magnetic field, to measure hidden and sub-health medical conditions.

The test results will then be a guide to reversing illness and symptoms that would worsen or become diseased if untreated over time.

Fact is, once the disease has settled into the body, it was already brewing in your system 3 to 10 years prior to a symptom or diagnose.

Providing care for patients or families with Alzheimer’s Diseases and other terminal illness, has an impact on the health of the caretaker.

This includes the increase of depression and suicide in St. Lucia as well as around the world.

The Biofeedback Analyzer will detect areas in your body that are affected by stress, and the results can give reasonable prescribed means of overcoming the health problems found. 60 – 80% of all symptoms and illness are related to stress.

Had we known what area of our bodies that was affected beforehand as well as by showing it in the physical form, would we do something about it? Could we do something about it?

This is where biofeedback informatics can really help individuals make reasonable changes in their everyday life before such problems occur.

Angels of the West Indies strongly encourages that if you are a family caregiver, nurse, or involved with a high stress environment, that you take care of your own health before you provide care or service to others.

After all… you are a significant person in the lives of the people you love, and to the employers who hired you.

For more information contact Regina Posvar at [email protected], 758-486-4509,


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