Anchor to the Holy Family Children’s Home dinner!

Anchor to the Holy Family Children’s Home dinner!

It was called simple spectacular, unique, well organized, and one of the most entertaining nights in Saint Lucian for the last five years. Were just some of the words used to describe 2014 Holy Family Children’s Home Dinner.

Sister Antonia David and her team out did themselves for the 2014 Holy Family Children’s Home Dinner. This event seems to get bigger and better every year. It was a fusion of old and new, entertainment for the young and not so young, but there was something for everyone, the interesting blend of rap, ragge, R & B and super soul gospel flowed right into each other with increasable ease, Masked only but the Super voices of Freedom Voice, Michelle John-Theobalds and Tabitha Fontenelle.

The African dance of Silver Shadows, Creole by Helen Folk, and spiritual from Miracle dancers just complimented the music. Augustin Jeremine and Che Campashe proved without a doubt they are simple the best comedians on the island. Entertainment, bemusement, wild mayhem – all in the name of charity.

Windjammer provided the food, this is the kind of fundraising dinner you want to experience when you are giving to charity. French creole cuisine at is best. Casual and friendly atmosphere together with great service including the General Manager of Windjammer who severed like any other member of the team. Appetizer pumpkin soup served at your table. For main entrée its richness in fish, Carapulcra is an appetizing stewed dish of pork and chicken, ground provision balls, vegetable festival on a plate. For dessert banana bread, ice creams and assorted a la mode.

All praise goes to Sister Antonia David and her Team at the Holy Family Children’s Home for putting on a specular event, well organized and simply put the best fundraising production or even local production. Everyone who was anyone was there, it was fun and all agreed it was unbelievably Amazing and Terribly Entertaining, Blow out Variety Spectacular.

This crowd-pleasing and heart stopping event features soul-shaking music, defying acts, interactive stations and so many more surprises – it’s destined to be a mind-blowing variety spectacular of the future. Sister David Anchor! Anchor! Do it again.


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