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American tourist dies in Anse La Raye road accident

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police officials are investigating a motor vehicle accident Thursday afternoon (Nov. 8), near Ti Kaye, that took the life of a United States tourist.

The deceased, a male, died after the vehicle – a rented Suzuki – he was driving, with three other tourists on board, plunged over a precipice in Anse La Raye, police said.

Castries and Soufriere fire service personnel responded to the accident at 4:34 p.m., according to emergency officials.

The other visitors were hospitalised in stable condition.

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  1. Prayers sent to Endurance and his family! RIH Hurricane

  2. RIH Reubin.. 😥

  3. Sighhhhh freaking barriers need to be placed along these damn roads! So unfortunate!

  4. So sorry to hear, he probably was not well acquainted with the road which twists and turns with hair-pin bends and carascoos (sp) ( precipices) at every turn of our mongoose roads that we call highways. Lord have his mercy! Let's hoe everyone else involved makes it. And my condolences to his family back home.


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