American Airlines drops prices to Saint Lucia from Miami

American Airlines drops prices to Saint Lucia from Miami
AA Arrives at HIA
American Airlines arrives at Hewanorra International Airport, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority is pleased with the reduction in airfares for flights between Miami, Florida and Saint Lucia.

With even more direct flight options available to the destination, American Airlines is now offering round-trip fares for as low as US$363 from Miami.

You can now book your vacation to the ‘World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination’ at this incredibly low price.

Be sure to take in the spectacular sights and sounds that have made Saint Lucia one of the world’s must see destinations.

As prices are limited to availability book directly online at or through your travel agent.


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  1. If you don't regularly fly to and from either Miami or St. Lucia then this doesn't apply to you. Only BROKE people complain about things they are too CHEAP to spend their money on or just love to complain period. Just move on to the next article and let us REAL travelers enjoy the discount. Stop being a SCRUB for once in your life. Yes I'm talking to YOU.


  2. Does that price include checked bags, full refundable ticket and drinks on board? Sounds li basic fare to travel with only cabin luggage.


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  4. Try booking an AA flight from UVF or GFL you will see that this offer is strickly for US customers. No connections out. NADA. BEFORE CALLING SOMEONE AN ASS.


  5. That’s just a gimmick, don’t be fooled the mighty American must be getting something from that. Why don’t they drop the fare from St.Lucia to Miami?


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