AMCS elects new board

AMCS elects new board
The new AMCS board.
The new AMCS board.

PRESS RELEASE – The Association of Management Consultants Saint Lucia (AMCS) has elected a new Board of Directors to guide the agenda and work programme of the association for the coming two years.

The association is led by an executive comprised of

•             President – Dr. Claudius Preville

•             Vice- President – Mrs. Luvette Louisy

•             Immediate Past President – Mrs. Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel

•             Treasurer – Mr. Wilton Bleasdille

•             Secretary – Mrs. Betty Combie

•             Public Relations – Mrs. Agnes Francis

According to the President, The executive will drive the work of the association and in the short term will have the following priorities:

1.            We aim to have as many of our members internationally certified through the Certified Management Consultant (CMC)designation process within this fiscal year

2.            We wish to promote management consultancy as a major industry to be considered for employment by young professionals leaving university and other schools of higher learning

3.            We will seek to build relationships and alliances with similar associations overseas through which we will jointly explore marketing of our management consultancy services abroad including through consortium planning.

The AMCS, established as a non-profit organisation is founded as an association of professional individuals dedicated to the advancement of the consulting industry.

Its mission is to advance the profession of Management Consulting by enhancing the quality of services provided to the public and private sector.

To this end, the Association promotes high standards in the conduct of management consulting and serves as a resource of special skills and expertise.

Each member has to affirm to a code of professional ethics that they must adhere to which speaks to professional attitude and behaviour such as independence, objectivity and integrity.

The new executive will build on the work done in prior years and has identified the updating of the existing Corporate Plan to take into account the current realities, as the first item on its agenda.


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